Windows Vista Users Demand Temporary Administrator Credentials to Their Machines


Windows Vista Users Demand Temporary Administrator Credentials to Their Machines

Lieberman Software’s Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition Elevates Privilege Levels While Maintaining Enterprise Security

(Los Angeles, CA – Nov. 30, 2006) Lieberman Software Corporation announced that its Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition provides temporary administrator credentials for limited users, minimizing one of the most critical IT security threats - users running with administrative privileges. This solution grants the appropriate level of administrator privileges that Windows Vista users require to safely accomplish common systems maintenance operations.  

The new Windows Vista includes the User Access Control (UAC) security feature that forces users to provide administrator credentials to complete tasks such as installing applications and hardware on their systems. Since most organizations do not provide these credentials to their users, the Help Desk must perform the expensive and time consuming task of manual remote management of user machines 24/7.

Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition solves the Windows Vista UAC credentials requirement by enabling a secure gateway to an account/password database that allows authorized users to retrieve the local administrator password for their local system in just a few minutes from any web browser. Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition randomizes the issued password after a fixed period of time, so that the credentials are only useful for a limited period. 

“With the UAC feature in Windows Vista Microsoft has responded to customer requests for improved security,” said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. “Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition supplements these security enhancements by providing an automated method for issuing administrator credentials to users needing to install applications and manage their systems for a restricted period of time.”

This solution eliminates the threat created when end-users running with administrative rights unintentionally introduce malicious software onto their systems by visiting compromised web sites or opening attachments that may contain harmful applications. Once malicious software has been activated it can spread throughout the network, severely impacting system availability, data integrity, and application stability.Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition counters this threat by providing authorized users with administrative rights for their own systems for a limited time via a secure and audited web interface, preventing one compromised password from threatening the entire network 

“We’re excited about the tremendous support and enthusiasm our partners around the world are providing for the business availability launch of Windows Vista,” said Dave Wascha, director of partners in Windows Client Marketing Communications. “Our partners play a vital role in encouraging the early adoption, development and delivery of Microsoft technologies. By working closely with valued partners like Lieberman Software Corporation we are helping to provide a high quality product and an improved user experience, which ultimately benefits our mutual customers.”

About Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition
Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition automatically randomizes local administrator passwords on accounts throughout the enterprise, and enables remote recovery of passwords when necessary. Randomization can be conducted from a single console for all managed systems according to schedules established by the administrator. This multi-threaded, agentless solution enables fully audited control over which local administrator accounts a user can access and for what time period. 

Random Password Manager Enterprise Edition fulfills the most stringent government and industry security requirements by employing SSL encryption of data to the browser, AES-256 bit encryption of data in the database, and full auditing of all transactions. Scalability is achieved by using Microsoft SQL Server as the backend database. Installation takes approximately ten minutes and can be hosted on Microsoft Windows 2000 and/or Windows Server 2003. SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 may be used for the database.

About Lieberman Software Corporation
Lieberman Software Corporation provides advanced systems management solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of administering the Windows enterprise. By automating time intensive security, server, and workstation maintenance tasks, Lieberman Software increases control over the Windows infrastructure, delivering improved productivity, performance, and audit-ready security. With products that simultaneously administer thousands of systems from a single console, Lieberman Software ensures that even the largest corporate, educational, and government enterprises remain managed, secure, and compliant. Lieberman Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit

For more information, please contact:
Kevin Franks
Marketing Communications Manager
Lieberman Software Corporation

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