Lieberman Softwares Service Account Manager Simultaneously Modifies All Windows Services in the Enterprise


Lieberman Software’s Service Account Manager Simultaneously Modifies All Windows Services in the Enterprise

Automates Ability to Manage Windows Services Across Complex and Constantly Changing IT Environments

(Los Angeles, CA – Feb. 26, 2007) Lieberman Software announced the availability of Service Account Manager 5.04, which increases an organization’s ability to manage the security and regulatory compliance of its IT infrastructure. The new version allows Windows administrators to change service dependencies and set service security permissions and auditing settings, providing greater oversight and control of users’ activities and access to services.

“Most Windows administrators struggle with trying to manually manage the services in their mission-critical server farms,” said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. “With Service Account Manager they can collectively modify the settings for any number of services on an unlimited number of systems. And with the newly integrated support for changing dependencies and setting security permissions, Service Account Manager is at the forefront of enterprise services management.”

Services are applications that launch when Windows starts and then run as processes in the background to accomplish specialized tasks. Large organizations have numerous services dispersed throughout their enterprises. Locating, managing, and modifying all of them is cumbersome for administrators relying on the built-in Windows tools or third-party service management products that do not offer enterprise functionality. Inadequate service management can result in disruptions to business-critical applications, system performance degradation, and serious security implications. Security best practices and many regulatory bodies dictate changing all account passwords, including service account credentials, regularly and auditing the use of domain administrator credentials, a formidable task when using manual step-by-step processes.

Service Account Manager remotely accesses, analyzes, and modifies Windows service properties concurrently on all managed systems throughout the enterprise. It provides a consolidated view of every service running on every server in the network, granting administrators the ability to quickly update service credentials and run dynamic dependency analysis on multiple systems from one console.

“Service Account Manager lets us simultaneously change service account passwords on hundreds of servers at sites throughout the world, from one central console,” said Kathleen Grieve, Computer Operations and Disaster Recovery Supervisor at Hunton and Williams. “This is much more efficient than the time-consuming manual processes we had been using, while also decreasing security threats.”

The most significant impact of frequently resetting service account credentials is helping organizations maintain compliance with the strict security standards of Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI and other regulations. Service Account Manager rapidly scans every system in the network, searching for the Windows services that reference sensitive domain administrator and local administrator accounts. Once located, the credentials can be quickly updated on all systems throughout the enterprise. And the filtered reports in Service Account Manager provide details of the accounts and passwords used by services, information which can be shared with security auditors.

Additionally, the product’s ability to centrally manage service accounts and settings boosts system performance and minimizes disruptions. Scheduled transparent service restarts and reboots prevent servers from slowing or crashing at the same time every day, while precise surgical changes to a particular machine’s service configurations can be performed as needed.   

Service Account Manager was first released in 1998 and has been updated an average of twice a year since then. It supports Windows NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, and Longhorn, without requiring agents to be deployed to client systems.

Service Account Manager is licensed by node and available now directly from Lieberman Software and through the company's network of resellers.

About Lieberman Software Corporation
Lieberman Software Corporation provides advanced systems management solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of administering the Windows enterprise. By automating time intensive security, server, and workstation maintenance tasks, Lieberman Software increases control over the Windows infrastructure, delivering improved productivity, performance, and audit-ready security. With products that simultaneously administer thousands of systems from a single console, Lieberman Software ensures that even the largest corporate, educational, and government enterprises remain managed, secure, and compliant. Lieberman Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit

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Kevin Franks
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Lieberman Software Corporation

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