Monthly Newsletter 2014

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 March, 2014
"As a company we are pushing privileged identity management from a point solution that is used to remediate existing poor practices and implement a hard control into the realm of a privileged identity security platform. In essence our product is becoming a platform for cloud providers, MSPs, and government projects that are seeking to secure identities as part of their offering stack."

February, 2014

"The recently announced NIST framework is a lot of useless and redundant verbiage that collects existing standards that have existed for at least a decade. There is nothing fundamentally new, revolutionary or even effective in the framework. One should ask the question: was Target compliant with all of these standards? The answer is most probably yes..."

January, 2014

"We have been preaching the use of fully automated password randomization of all end points for years and have developed technology to accomplish this at massive scale with little need for human labor. Had Target deployed our solutions, they would not have had this massive breach. Further, they could have deployed our solution to all stores in less than one day."


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