Service Account Manager Webinars

Service Account Manager provides both simple (static) groups of systems to manage and dynamic groups of systems (automatically managed systems lists).

These videos show how to set up a simple static group of Windows systems and then how to add systems to the list. Other videos show how, once systems have been added to a managed group, you can highlight them and perform service information retrieval and service account changes.


Service Account Manager Overview

Introduction to Service Account Manager
This 30 minute webinar presents a hands-on look at Service Account Manager, describing the easiest way to update all Windows services credentials in your organization. Report on and change service properties with just a few mouse clicks.

Service Account Manager Quickstart
Discover how you can get Service Account Manager fully up and running in your environment in just a few minutes with this detailed 20 minute webinar.


How to Create a List of Windows Systems to Manage with Service Account Manager

Create a Simple Group
This walkthrough shows the steps necessary to create a new simple group of systems to manage. Creating a group of systems to manage is the first step in using Service Account Manager.

Add Systems to a Simple Group
This walkthrough shows the process of adding systems to a newly created group using the simple network browser. There are other ways to add systems to the management group; for details on these mechanisms, see the online help file.


Basic Windows Service Account Management Operations

Get Service Settings
This video shows you how to get a list of all of the Windows services and their detailed settings for one or more machines by first highlighting the system(s) of interest followed by clicking on the Get button.

Sort Services by Service Name
This video shows how to group all of the services together by service name after a Get operation has been performed. This is very useful when you want to compare the credentials used by the same service on multiple systems.

Sort Services by Username
This video shows how to group all of the services together than use the same set of credentials. This is useful when you need to know which administrator accounts are being used by which services so that all of your service accounts can be changed at the same time.

Filter the Service List for the Telnet Service
This video shows how to limit the list of displayed services to only those that you are interested in seeing. This feature is also useful is finding which services are missing from some of your systems. When service name filtering is enabled, only the listed services are displayed and any machines missing the filtered service(s) are flagged.

Change a Stopped Service to Run as a Domain Account
This video shows how to change the credentials used by Windows services. Note that changing credentials for any service does not cause the service to use the new credentials until the services is stopped and then started. Service Account Manager can automatically stop all affected services, change the service account credentials being used, then start the services.

Start a Service
This video shows how to start a stopped service. Note that you can also do a service restart at a scheduled interval with Service Account Manager.

How to Change Service Credentials
Learn how to change all Windows service account credentials and prevent unauthorized access to your servers in this four and a half minute webinar.

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