Auto Discovery

Random Password Manager (RPM) secures more of your network to help you save IT staff time. RPM's rapid, comprehensive discovery helps you avoid leaving accounts exposed  –  including privileged logins present in newly-deployed hardware and applications, legacy software, and other types of IT assets – that would otherwise make your organization vulnerable to today's sophisticated hacking techniques.

RPM is unique for its ability to reliably discover and secure the widest range of privileged accounts, right out-of-the-box:

  • Windows accounts such as named accounts, built-in administrator and guest
  • Database accounts such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL and Sybase logins
  • Midrange and mainframe accounts on Linux, UNIX, OpenVMS, AS/400, OS/390, OSX and TN3270
  • Network devices' privileged logins on Cisco, Foundry, HP, Juniper, NetApp and others
  • Privileged logins on out-of-band server management cards found on HP, Dell, and other IPMI compliant servers
  • Active Directory and LDAP-Compliant directory services accounts
  • Shared account passwords that would be otherwise maintained in employees' spreadsheets and data files
ERPM Auto-Discovery

RPM Discovers a Wide Range
of Systems and Platforms
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RPM gives you comprehensive, out-of-the box coverage without the need for customization and added-cost services, with the assurance of support for an expanding list of targets with each new release.

Discovery Techniques

RPM accommodates a broad range of system and account discovery techniques, giving you the flexibility to configure the solution once, with a minimum of interaction thereafter. RPM adds and then automatically tracks systems found in:

  • Domain systems lists
  • Network browse lists
  • Active Directory/Other LDAP-Compliant Directories
  • Scanned IP address ranges
  • ODBC query results from configuration management databases (CMDBs) and other sources

In addition, RPM makes it easy for you to bulk-import system lists from text files, and to make ad-hoc entries through the management console. Only RPM instantly enrolls new systems as they’re brought online, with zero operator intervention.

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