New Blog Offers Tips, News and Opinion on the Latest CyberSecurity Issues


New Blog Offers Tips, News and Opinion on the Latest CyberSecurity Issues

Philip Lieberman and other IT Security Experts Provide Timely Analysis at

(LOS ANGELES July 8, 2010) —Philip Lieberman, an outspoken and highly regarded expert on cybersecurity issues, today announced the launch of, a blog focused on the latest IT security news and threats.

“As an IT veteran with more than 30 years of industry experience, I’ve seen firsthand the damage caused by outside attacks and insider threats,” Lieberman said. “I’ve repeatedly witnessed IT groups that neglect to roll out new security patches and operating systems, even when faced with immediate threats; companies that go years without changing built-in or shared privileged account passwords; and numerous other risky practices. By leveraging my knowledge and the contacts I’ve built in private industry, government agencies and the military over my career, we offer unique insights and expertise to bring these issues to the public.”
Lieberman is a recognized IT security expert who is frequently quoted by national, business and trade press on cybersecurity topics and has met with U.S. House and Senate leaders on issues of the nation’s cybersecurity policy. A highly accomplished software engineer by training, Lieberman is able to perceive shortcomings in existing products on the market, and to fill those gaps with innovative solutions. He has published numerous books in the field of computer science, has taught at UCLA, and is the author of many computer science courses. Lieberman serves as editor-in-chief of features fresh and frequently updated commentary on IT security topics ranging from complex Congressional cybersecurity bills like Lieberman-Collins Bill S 3480 to little-known security and compliance challenges in the emerging cloud computing market. Lieberman developed the new blog, with the tagline "Iron-to-Application Security News," as a go-to resource for IT executives and members of the media looking for candid analysis of current cyber security trends from a reputable expert.

The blog’s main sections include: security shortcomings of the major regulatory compliance mandates; Congressional legislation on cyber security laws; best practices and technologies for securing the IT infrastructure amidst constantly evolving threats; insights on the new and emerging vulnerabilities; and more. is sponsored by Lieberman Software, originators of solutions for the privileged identity management market. Lieberman Software provides privileged identity management and security management solutions that secure large, multi-platform enterprises. By automating time-intensive IT administration tasks, Lieberman Software increases control over the computing infrastructure, reduces security vulnerabilities, improves productivity and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

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For more information, please contact:
Kevin Franks
Marketing Communications Manager
Lieberman Software Corporation


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