Lieberman Software Embarks on Certification Initiative for Microsoft Windows Server 2008


Lieberman Software Embarks on Certification Initiative for Microsoft Windows Server 2008

Company with Five Windows Vista Certified Applications Begins Development of Windows Server 2008 Compatible Solutions

(Orlando, FL – June 5, 2007) Lieberman Software today announced it will acquire the same early technical product certifications for Windows Server 2008 as the company acquired for Windows Vista, delivering end-to-end security and system management solutions for Windows-based client and server deployments. Lieberman Software is one of the key Microsoft industry partners invited to participate in the Early Access Program, part of the logo certification program for Windows Server 2008 that was separately announced by Microsoft today.

“We anticipate having at least five of our systems management applications certified for Windows Server 2008 prior to the general release of the new server operating system,” said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. “In our experience, customers differentiate between products based on whether an application has passed the stringent security, manageability, and productivity demands that Windows certification guarantees. We look forward to aggressively supporting the Windows Server 2008 platform and its launch.”

The company, which has five Windows Vista certified applications, is leveraging its close alliance with Microsoft to ensure that its products will provide full support to customers of the new Windows Server operating system. In the new Windows Server 2008 logo program, Lieberman Software will work directly with Microsoft on development, support, and marketing activities for the new version of Windows Server.

“The Windows Server 2008 logo program is designed to help IT users differentiate applications that meet rigorous standards for productivity, security and performance on the Windows Server 2008 platform,” said Joseph Landes, director of product management for the Windows Server Division at Microsoft Corp. “We’re excited to see that Lieberman Software anticipates strong market demand for certified products and is already migrating its management tools to Windows Server 2008.”

Windows Server 2008 product certification is based on a rigorous testing standard designed by Microsoft. Applications which meet the requirements offer more control, increased security, and greater productivity than open source applications and other products for Windows that have not met the stringent certification criteria. By starting its Windows Server 2008 certification initiative early, Lieberman Software is maintaining its technical expertise and strategic relevance to its customers as they prepare to migrate to the new platform.

In addition to its product certification efforts and participation in the Early Access Program, Lieberman Software is also committing to Windows Server 2008 by providing free, fully functional evaluation copies of its products to members of the Technology Adoption Program. 

One factor contributing to Lieberman Software’s selection in the Windows Server 2008 Early Access Program is its five Windows Vista product certifications, the most by any vendor in the systems management market. 

Lieberman Software’s Windows Vista-certified products are User Manager Pro Suite™, Random Password Manager™, Service Account Manager™, Account Reset Console™, and COM+ Manager™. The company has already begun focusing its product development efforts on the transition to Windows Server 2008, specifically in regard to creating new, Windows Server 2008-certified versions of these enterprise management solutions. 

Lieberman Software is a bronze sponsor at Microsoft Tech-Ed 2007, and is exhibiting its full line of Windows Vista-certified products in booth 815 during the show. Collectively, the company’s proactive and centralized security and systems management solutions automate critical administration tasks across all servers and workstations in the enterprise, subsequently reducing security vulnerabilities, increasing productivity, minimizing system failures, and ensuring compliance.

About Lieberman Software Corporation 
Lieberman Software Corporation provides advanced systems management solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of administering the Windows enterprise. By automating time intensive security, server, and workstation maintenance tasks, Lieberman Software increases control over the Windows infrastructure, delivering improved productivity, performance, and audit-ready security. With products that simultaneously administer thousands of systems from a single console, Lieberman Software ensures that even the largest corporate, educational, and government enterprises remain managed, secure, and compliant. Lieberman Software is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit

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