Mass Management Interface

Mass Management Interface

If you’re a Windows Sys Admin in a business environment, you’ve generally got problems to solve across tens, hundreds or thousands of machines, not just one.

While most system administration tools are designed to perform an operation on a single target machine, Lieberman Software's Mass Management interface allows you to perform an operation across a thousand machines as easily as against one machine.

Lieberman Software products User Manager Pro Suite, User Manager Pro, Service Account Manager, Task Scheduler Pro, Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer and COM+ Manager are architected at a very low-level to support this Mass Management functionality. Operations can be threaded to perform the same operation across multiple machines simultaneously.

The Mass Management architecture also deals transparently with differences in Windows operating system versions, patch levels, language settings and differing network speeds.

 Mass Management InterfaceThe Mass Management Interface allows you to quickly locate all relevant Windows systems and perform configuration actions across all the targeted systems in one operation. 




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