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November, 2012         

"If you have been tasked with changing credentials on a regular basis, but have given up because these changes have caused outages due to the complexity and scope of not only changing credentials, but also where they are being used;  there is an automated solution that does the job quickly and at scale with minimal to no human interaction: Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)."

October, 2012        

"To successfully change the password of an account, you must not only change it where it is being stored, you must also change every place that references that account. If you miss any of the places that have a stored password, the wrong password will be used and that service will fail to work properly. In some cases, the use of an incorrect password by a service can cause the operating system to think that the account is under attack and lock out the account.  This last scenario means that every service that uses that locked out account will now fail too."

September, 2012       

"Changing local administrator credentials on both Windows and non-Windows systems is a very easy thing to set up and execute within E/RPM and most changes can be accomplished enterprise-wide in a day or less..."

August, 2012       

"Last month I described how you can convert spreadsheets with passwords into our secure storage system of E/RPM. For those that have to deal with the real world, any conversion of process or access to data has political implications, no matter how poor or insecure the existing processes are."

July, 2012      

"We have had customers import over 500 existing password spreadsheets into the product and put this into production in less than 4 hours, so it can be done quickly."

June, 2012     

"As a privately held company, we have the freedom to reinvest the money you give us in R&D, development and testing of our products to enhance your experience and to better protect your systems. This strategy is exciting for us, motivating for our brilliant development staff, and a pleasure for our systems engineers and sales staff because they always have new, cool things to show you."

May, 2012    

"One of my favorite things about Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer is that it automatically fixes bad passwords and passwords that are out of synch without a user having to change their password to force synchronization. In other words, it creates order autonomously out of a horribly chaotic set of passwords for users."

April, 2012   

"Like every other product we make, going deep into the needs of the help desk, auditors, and regulators is where we shine. In Account Reset Console, we have implemented automated warnings to users that their password ages are excessive and their accounts will be disabled if they don’t change them in time. Warnings go out not only to the users, but also to the managers."

March, 2012 

"Over the last few years we have implemented all sorts of authentication and authorization mechanisms within our products to match the needs of our corporate and government users. Our integrated authentication solutions include LDAP servers, Kerberos, NTLM, RADIUS, as well as a very rich OATH implementation for multi-factor authentication (in addition to RSA SecurID)."

February, 2012 

"About two years ago Lawrence Pingree of Gartner and I had a great conversation at the RSA show in San Francisco about our products and about the huge amount of security and configuration data we collect and show. Mr. Pingree challenged us to unlock this treasure trove of information for customers by providing flexible access to the data in a variety of formats besides columnar reports. That single conversation at our booth sparked a development effort over the last two years to create a new dashboard and visualization system for our privileged identity management products..." 

January, 2012 

"Although we are well known for our sophisticated technology for privileged identity management with features like auto-discovery, correlation and propagation; sometimes just getting rid of an out-of-control information proliferation problem is just what the doctor ordered."


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