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November, 2011 

We all know that the number one password management solution is the trusty sticky note. You write down your complex password on the sticky note, and then hide the note in a place you can find it (hopefully not on your monitor). The second most popular way to store commonly used credentials is to put them all on a spreadsheet and then share that spreadsheet with those that need access to the credentials on the spreadsheet. So, why is this a security problem and what can be done to remedy it? Find out in the November issue of
Privileged Identity Management Newsline.
October, 2011 

Survey after survey has revealed that security is the top concern voiced by prospective customers about cloud computing and its outsourced, on-demand business model. So how do you ensure that your IT outsourcing project doesn't lead to a whole new set of security challenges? Follow our 5 rules for a secure cloud migration in this month's newsletter.
September, 2011 

Here at Lieberman Software we often talk about the security risks of too many people having too much access to sensitive data for too long. The recent highly publicized data breach at Shionogi is a great example. This story vividly demonstrates what can happen when companies blindly trust the members of their internal IT departments and fail to control access to sensitive data. As we discuss in this month's Privileged Identity Management Newsline, what happened at Shionogi is certain to reoccur again and again.
August, 2011 

Recently a potential customer asked me to explain the difference between our solution and a competitor’s. After providing what I thought was a well thought out and compelling explanation, I was confronted with the conundrum of the customer not understanding my responses. So what was the reason for the disconnect? And what does set Lieberman Software apart from other vendors? Read the August, 2011 issue of Privileged identity Management News Line to find out.
July, 2011 

Over the last seven months we have been working on a new version of Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM version 4.83.2) and Random Password Manager (RPM, also version 4.83.2). We had a lot of objectives in this release, but there were a few persistent themes, not the least of which are enhanced scalability and even more auto-discovery capabilities. But there's much more in the new versions of E/RPM. Find out in the July, 2011 edition of Privileged Identity Management News Line.  

June, 2011 

At the beginning of June, Lieberman Software was a sponsor at a major analyst and CIO summit in London, England. During this summit, one of the roundtable discussions revolved around the topic of the relationship between CIOs and auditors. To say the least, this topic created heated responses that really hit a sensitive nerve for many of the CIOs in attendance. Find out what was discussed in the June, 2011 newsletter.

May, 2011 

The Sony data breach has made international headlines and has already been called the fifth largest breach in history. It's also spurred a lot of conjecture from IT security pundits about where and when the next breach will occur. Fortunately, there are five things you can do now to protect yourself from future security failures. Learn how you can secure yourself in May's newsletter.

April, 2011 

Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have become a must-have in IT environments because the technology helps make sense of the vast quantities of data provided by security software and appliances across the network. But for all the advantages of SIEM, until now the solutions had one troubling blind spot. Find out what's been missing in the latest issue of Privileged Identity Management Newsline.  

March, 2011 

RSA Conference 2011 was well attended and both customers and analysts seem bullish about the future. The show did not disappoint. An interesting takeaway for Lieberman Software was the very positive response we received from customers and analysts regarding our technical integrations that bring privileged identity information into existing SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) frameworks. Learn more about our RSA Conference 2011 experience in this month's Privileged Identity Management Newsline.  

February, 2011 

As valued members of your organization, IT administrators work every day to keep your infrastructure up and available. But in today’s rush to contain operational costs, your IT administrators could be taking more shortcuts than you’d expect. And perhaps no aspect of IT suffers more from cutting corners than security. Read this month's newsletter to learn five secrets about IT security your administrators might not be telling you.

January, 2011 

As a software security vendor almost every week we run into security scenarios that make us slap our heads in disbelief. Everything from companies putting all of their administrator passwords onto a spreadsheet and then sharing it on a publicly visible share, to companies buying competitive solutions that are appliance-based with the clear intention of never implementing the solution. And these are only two examples. Find out other information security gaffes we've witnessed in this month's newsletter.

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