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November, 2010 

At a recent CIO conference for insurance executives, I gave a presentation on improving the relationships between CIOs and IT management. I received exasperated responses from some of the CIOs; they told me there was little need to enhance these relationships since they had long ago outsourced much of their IT staff and there was effectively no “relationship” to improve. What brought these former market leaders to such a state? Find out in our November, 2010 newsletter.

October, 2010  

A year can make a big difference in technology – and in politics. A year ago, the federal government was failing badly at establishing a leadership position in cybersecurity. The politicians were thinking about anything but the defense of our nation’s computing infrastructure. And the attacks kept rolling in. Fortunately, things for the good guys have improved. How so? Find out in the October, 2010 issue of Privileged Identity Management News Line.

September, 2010  

Today, virtually all of your IT staff has anonymous, unaudited, 24/7 access to your data center applications, computers, and appliances through use of privileged account credentials. To ensure that this lack of accountability doesn’t bring you out of compliance with key industry mandates like SOX, PCI-DSS and HIPAA, in this month's newsletter we present four questions you should be considering.


Verizon Business recently released its 2010 Data Breaches and Investigations Report. According to this report, 48% of data breaches are caused by insiders, up from only 22% last year. The research also identified the misuse of privileges as the top threat vector for the year. As industry veterans of the privileged identity management market, these findings are hardly surprising to us. Have a look at the August newsletter to find out why.

July, 2010 

In recent years we've recognized a trend in organizations coming to us to express displeasure with their privileged identity management solution provided by some of our competitors. The reasons for these failures vary from lack of scalability, to inability to complete password changes reliably, to simply not performing as promised. Find out what we're doing to reverse this trend.

June, 2010

One of our competitors recently claimed (both to a customer and a major analyst firm) to be the only vendor capable of managing application passwords. Unfortunately for our competitor, the analyst decided to check the facts, and what do you know? Lieberman Software has been providing privileged application credentials management for years. Read how we do it in the June newsletter.

May, 2010 

With more than 15 years experience supporting the Windows platform, Lieberman Software is the seasoned leader in Windows security management. But as the IT world grew, we grew with it to pioneer the cross-platform privileged identity management market. Take a look at the May newsletter to learn more about where we've been and where we're going in the future.


April, 2010 

Today, if your organization runs a network, you're a target for attack. We may never eliminate the threat but with a sound, layered security approach we can do much to reduce its potential impact. What are the elements of this security approach? Find out in the April issue of Privileged Identity Management Newsline.  

March, 2010
In a typical organization, over time, employees build up an incredible number of privileges that grant dangerous privileged access. This problem of "privileged identity creep" can have serious consequences, as we discuss in the March newsletter.

February, 2010
A recurring theme here at Lieberman Software has been recommending an upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 because of its superior architecture and improved security. But even with Windows 7 and Vista, you still need a solution to manage privileged identities. See the February, 2010 issue to find out why.

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