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November, 2009 
Are the CXOs in your organizations involved in IT operations - the technical decisions, product selections, and security processes? Or are the executives leaving these important considerations to the IT staff, and risking failing grades from security auditors? This may be a more serious concern than it appears. Find out more in the November, 2009 newsletter.

October, 2009 
Storing your passwords in a password appliance or document storage software keeps your organization's privileged identities secure and compliant. Right? Not so fast. Password/document storage software or appliances are a good first step, but a true privileged account security solution goes much further. Learn more in the October newsletter.

September, 2009 
Your organization passed its regulatory compliance audit. But does this mean that your enterprise is truly secure? Not unless you're practicing the concept of continuous auditing. Learn this, and much more, in the September, 2009 issue.


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