Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) Integrations

Microsoft Gold CertifiedLieberman Software and Microsoft have partnered to deliver comprehensive control over privileged identities through the familiar System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) interface. Thanks to deep, native Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) and Random Password Manager (RPM) integrations, authorized IT staff can be alerted to critical privileged account activity – including password changes, delegated system and account access and more – directly in the SCOM console. These events can automatically open and close trouble tickets based on staff actions and system responses to password activities – saving IT staff time while introducing greater accountability.

Organizations benefit from lower costs of IT compliance audits thanks to the continuous discovery of privileged accounts and the automated deployment of cryptographically strong, frequently-changed passwords on servers, workstations, network appliances, databases, middleware and applications – including SCOM and all other Microsoft System Center applications.

Password Checkout Through the SCOM Interface

 Privileged Password Check-Out Through the Familiar SCOM Interface

Achieve Compliance and Save IT Staff Time

ERPM and SCOM work together to proactively monitor and manage all of the privileged accounts on your network, giving you real-time alerts about issues that impact IT performance and service levels. The products can also take automated action should they encounter infrastructure readiness issues or operational misuse.

ERPM keeps you compliant and saves you significant time by helping you:

  • Secure and frequently change all privileged credentials according to your organization's policies,

  • Propagate all passwords in SCOM to eliminate the need for time-consuming manual updates of every Run As account in the SCOM console, and

  • Audit and report each access to privileged logins that authorized IT staff get right from the SCOM console.

With this integration ERPM natively manages all Run As accounts in SCOM through the SCOM SDK. So if you're managing Linux computers, network devices, and other resources with SCOM management packs you'll eliminate the need to manually update each login in SCOM whenever you change the privileged logins on those machines.

The integration also helps you automatically and frequently update Microsoft System Center agents and services that use domain and local passwords, strengthening account credentials to bring your enterprise into compliance with IT regulatory mandates.

Our products also integrate with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM).

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