In the News: 2013

  • SC Magazine UK, February 2013

    SC MagazinePhilip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, said: “There are a number of reasons why IT experts might be apprehensive about storing corporate data in the cloud. However, in my opinion, the key issues are around government surveillance, cloud legislation and data security.
  • TechZone 360, December 2013

    Tech Zone article about Lieberman Software in the cloud"At the recent CSA Congress 2013 in Orlando, we announced that our PIM solution known as Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is now available on Windows Azure."
  • Virtualization Review, December 2013

    Virtualization Review article on ERPM - Azure integration"For large organizations, managing privileged accounts, such as root and administrator, has been a task so sensitive it could only be handled on-premises -- until now, says Lieberman Software. The security management company is making its Enterprise Random Password Manager privileged identity management tool available on the Windows Azure platform."
  • Dark Reading, December 2013

    Dark Reading"Lieberman Software Corporation announced that its privileged identity management (PIM) product, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), is now available on Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud hosting platform."
  • IDG Connect, December 2013

    IDG Connect“Huawei’s stake in India is a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of the money being invested in its technology industry,” says security expert Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software Corporation.
  • Network World, December 2013

    Network World on ERPM and Azure"Enterprise Random Password Manager is now available on Windows Azure. It can deploy in minutes in Windows Azure to automatically find, manage and secure privileged identities located in the cloud or on premises."
  • SearchCloudSecurity, December 2013

    Search Cloud Security article on managing privileged identitiesSpeaking Thursday at the 2013 Cloud Security Alliance Congress, Philip Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software Inc., discussed the types of attacks on cloud computing his company has observed as a provider of cloud IT administration and privileged identity management tools.
  • CloudPro, December 2013

    Cloud Pro"Lieberman Software has made its privileged identity management (PIM) product, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), available on Windows Azure."
  • Information Security Buzz, December 2013

    Information Security Buzz"What does 2014 bring for the security industry? Calum MacLeod, VP of EMEA at Lieberman Software Corporation  shares his opinions."
  • LA Times, December 2013

    LA Times article about cybersecurity"I think the legacy providers, the Symantecs and McAfees, are kind of seeing that a lot of this this is just not working against more sophisticated attacks," said Phil Lieberman, chief executive of Lieberman Software and a 30-year veteran of the industry. "So there's a new generation of companies being created to attack the problem."

  • DarkReading, November 2013

    Dark Reading"This innovative joint integration enables the Securonix Security Intelligence Platform to consume Lieberman Software's award-winning Enterprise Random Password Manager&trade (ERPM) Privileged Identity Management (PIM) events in real-time for automated detection of anomalous user or account behavior, as well as advanced privileged identity analytics."
  • Dark Reading, November 2013

    Dark Reading Article on Privileged Credentials Management"To combat an attacker's ability to use stolen credentials, companies need to model the behavior of every user -- especially those people, such as system administrators, with access to privileged accounts. Using that baseline, businesses can detect whether the use of a credential falls outside of what is typical or allowed by policy, says Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, a privileged-account management provider."
  • SearchSecurity, November 2013"Lieberman also works with a variety of configuration management tools such as Microsoft System Center, HP Operations Center and Arcsight."
  • CIO Insight, October 2013

    CIO Insight"As if the sheer number of malware samples roaming the world isn’t enough to keep CIOs up at night, a new study from software security firm Lieberman Software has revealed that increasingly sophisticated hackers, coupled with state-sponsored hacking, have thrust most organizations' ability to protect themselves into a state of near-impossibility."
  • eWeek, October 2013

    eweek report on state-sponsored hackers“What was also striking was that more than a third felt that their current IT infrastructure was insufficient in the face of a heavy-set attack, yet not all of the respondents were prepared to do something about it,” Lieberman Software president and CEO Philip Lieberman said in a statement. “I wonder if they feel that sitting tight and hoping for the best is efficient and sufficient protection.”
  • Epoch Times, October 2013

    Epoch Times article on state-sponsored hacks"Facing evolving state-sponsored attacks, nearly 58 percent of security professionals at the Black Hat USA 2013 hacker conference in Las Vegas believe the United States is losing the cyber battle. The opinion comes from close to 200 security professionals at Black Hat surveyed by Lieberman Software."
  • InfoSecurity, September 2013

    InfoSecurity article about state-sponsored cyber attacks"Overall, the survey turns up the fact that the threat of state-sponsored attacks and APTs is considered an extremely serious issue for IT security personnel. Most said that the probing of IT infrastructures in both corporate and government environments is likely occurring constantly, and attacks are being launched frequently."
  • The Street, September 2013

    The Street"To me, I see this as an example of another opportunity for them to take a technology from high-end applications and bring it to consumers," said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, which develops security software for businesses and governments. "It's the first time I've ever seen this level of technology in a consumer product."
  • Network World, September 2013

    Network World report on Lieberman Software"Lieberman Software has the best features for local server password management, and the Lieberman tool was the only one in our tests that worked flawlessly."
  • Dark Reading, September 2013

    Dark Reading article about cyber warfareThe expansion of these activities is tricky, given the lack of precedent and clear public lines of responsibility for the execution of direct cyber-warfare, says Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "Many existing branches of the military have undertaken an expansion of their missions into cyber-warfare, but details of actual operations are sparse," he adds.
  • USA Today, September 2013

    USA Today article about PRISM"The ability to decrypt this traffic is well known, however there is no capacity or legal authority to monitor everyone's traffic," says Phil Lieberman, president of security firm Lieberman Software. "Only legally authorized targets are intercepted."
  • Tech Zone 360, September 2013

    Tech Zone article about threat of state-sponsored attacksIt goes without saying that, given the beliefs of the respondents, Lieberman’s conclusion that “we ain’t seen nothing yet,” is something that not just government officials but C-levels need to take seriously. When your own IT department believes that you are likely to be attacked and are not really prepared to defend, one would hope you do not end up in the position of hearing, “I told you so!”
  • Computer Weekly, September 2013

    Computer Weekly story on state-sponsored cyber attacks"Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, said the threat of state-sponsored attacks is extremely serious for government and commercial entities, with the probing of IT infrastructures in both environments taking place continually and attacks being launched on a regular basis."
  • SC Magazine UK, August 2013

    SC Magazine article about protecting critical national infrastructurePhil Lieberman, CEO and founder of Lieberman Software, says the public and private collaboration on the protection of critical national infrastructure is a commendable development. “It is a genuine example of the Government taking proactive action to help its citizens and private organisations protect themselves via the shared information provided by both government and private enterprise,” he explains. “The reality of the situation is that everyone participating in these arrangements understands what is at stake and takes the laws surrounding security and privacy very seriously.”
  • TechNewsWorld, August 2013

    TechNewsWorld about PCI 3.0The new PCI standard won't be music to the ears for security hands who worship notion of the inviolate perimeter. "The new standard recognizes that perimeter breaches are a regular occurrence," said Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. "The only real mitigation is to have persistent controls within the interior that are both human and technological."
  • Cloud Pro, August 2013

    Cloud Pro article on cloud forensics“Do your due diligence to understand what mechanisms the CSP has in place to provide details of who accessed your data and the underlying systems and infrastructure,” says Jess Richter, VP of Strategic Alliances at Lieberman Software.
  • Dark Reading, August 2013

    Dark Reading article on PCI 3.0"The existing point-in-time PCI standard is a sham that produces little real security. It was a boon to auditors and charlatans that provided PCI certifications for boatloads of money, yet delivered little to nothing of any real value to their clients," Lieberman says. "The PCI 3.0 replacement should produce real results and has been long overdue."
  • IT Jungle, August 2013

    it jungleOne security expert applauding the changes is Philip Lieberman, CEO of security software company Lieberman Software. "The new PCI 3.0 standard is long overdue," Lieberman said in a written statement. "For most merchants, the existing PCI standard is one-time pain per year where things are cleaned up, and the bad security practices return almost immediately after the auditor leaves."
  • Security Week, August 2013

    Security WeekAccording to Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, the new PCI 3.0 standard is long overdue. “The new PCI standard appropriately moves the focus away from compliance and puts the focus squarely where it should have been in the first place: focus on security and processes to achieve continuous compliance," Lieberman told Securityweek. "The new standard recognizes the perimeter breaches are a regular occurrence and outsiders regularly have access to credit card information. Given that the perimeter is no longer secure, the only real mitigation is to have persistent controls within the interior that are both human and technological to minimize losses."

  • Windows IT Pro, August 2013

    Windows IT ProPhilip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, commented on today's events, saying: "Today, NSA confirmed what we have been saying for years: persistent and broad access to sensitive systems is inappropriate.  This also points out the other issue of privileged access, namely the problem of using contractors and controlling their access."
  • TechWeek Europe, August 2013

    TechWeek Europe“This is a perfect illustration of the ability of anyone with a connection to the Internet to use it for asymmetric warfare,” said Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software Corporation. “As a nation state, North Korea is projecting its power and influence in all ways available to it.  This is not dissimilar to all other countries with cyber-warfare capabilities worldwide.”

  • Engineering and Technology Magazine, July 2013

    E&T MagazineTwo years on, Lieberman's views are unchanged. He says that smartphones are more vulnerable to security threats. "Essentially the technology operates by proximity detection, namely that the card needs to be placed close to a reader and it will spit its guts out, so to speak, to anyone who interrogates the device."
  • SC Magazine UK, June 2013

    SC Magazine"Efficient identity management can help protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs). Speaking to SC Magazine, Lieberman Software CEO Phil Lieberman said that the challenge for administrators of millions of users is that there is little in the way of off the shelf software to manage thousands of users, and to do manual management is impossible."

  • Pro Security, June 2013

    Pro Security ZoneEnterprise Random Password Manager is now available as an open platform from Lieberman Software in a security as a service model.
  • Dark Reading, June 2013

    Dark ReadingIn its new evolution as a service platform, ERPM now provides full automation and programmatic orchestration of privileged credentials, certificates, pin codes, passcodes and other sensitive data generated on a massive scale by large multi-tenant organizations.
  • Network World, June 2013

    Network World"ERPM is the first privileged identity management solution capable of enabling secure check-in/check-out of privileged credentials directly from the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator web-based interface, providing identity and configuration data enrichment for McAfee ePO."
  • Pro Security Zone, June 2013

    ProSecurityZoneThe US Army has certified Enterprise Random Password Manager from Lieberman Software for use on its network for privileged identity management
  • Redmond Magazine, June 2013

    Redmond"Lieberman's new ERPM release has a programmatic interface designed to enable orchestration of privileged data and its usage."
  • IT World, June 2013

    IT WorldFinding the talent to build security systems isn't easy, he added, and his solution is what Lieberman feels led to the problem. "I'd say that the reality is that security takes a skill set that incorporates so many disciplines that it is challenging to find those that have the appropriate skills. This is what drives outsourcing," he said.
  • Vigilance, June 2013

    Vigilance Security"ERPM is the first PIM product capable of enabling secure check-in/check-out of privileged credentials directly from the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) web-based interface, providing identity and configuration data enrichment for McAfee ePO."
  • ARS Technica, June 2013

    Ars TechnicaOnce passwords get above 15 characters, they're very hard to crack even with brute force methods, Philip Lieberman, CEO of enterprise password management firm Lieberman Software, told me in a phone interview last year. "If you write a sentence composed of 30 to 40 letters which is easy to remember as a sentence, that's a really good password generally," Lieberman said.
  • CRN UK, May 2013

    CRN UK"Lieberman says reaping the benefits of cloud can mean compromising on privacy and security. Things can change in situ anyway – cloud providers may go out of business, change their rates, or hire criminals to manage the resources."

  • Redmond Magazine, May 2013

    redmond magazinePhil Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software Corp., doesn't believe so. "As with any type of addiction -- and this is to outdated security methods -- the first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem and want to address it," says Lieberman. "Many companies figure that they are immune or have nothing of value, so the threats to them are minimal or nonexistent -- [meaning], everything is nothing more than scare tactics of security vendors."
  • FierceCIO, April 2013

    FierceCIO"Sounds to me like a case of the preachers not practicing what they preach. If we could understand why IT security pros don't follow a simple best practice like changing default passwords on new systems, we could probably understand why end users ignore security rules too. Hmmm. I confess that I don't always change passwords as recommended because it always seems like I have something more pressing to do. And here I don't even work in IT."
  • Government Security News, April 2013

    Government Security News"IT departments that do not have a solution in place to automatically detect, flag and change default privileged passwords on newly deployed systems are neglecting a very common security hole," Lieberman said.
  • eWeek, April 2013

    eweek"The vast majority (81.4 percent) of IT security staff think that employees tend to ignore the rules that IT departments put in place, and more than half (52.2 percent) of the same respondents said they believe that employees would not listen more even if IT directives came from executive management, rather than IT, according to a survey by identity management and security management specialist Lieberman Software."
  • techday, April 2013

    techday“The reality is that 100% protection is nearly impossible to achieve, but there are still best practices for securing access to critical systems and data that many organisations tend to ignore.”
  • eSecurity Planet, April 2013

    eSecurity PlanetA Lieberman Software survey also found that one third of organizations don't have a policy requiring default passwords to be changed.
  • InfoSecurity, April 2013

    Info Security“This simply must be a standard practice in any size organization,” said Lieberman. “Default privileged passwords are, in the truest sense, open backdoors into systems that are deployed on production networks. Most default passwords are publicly known and easily found online, meaning that anyone with malicious intent can use these default credentials as a foothold to gain anonymous access to systems and applications throughout the network.”
  • DarkReading, April 2013

    Dark ReadingLieberman says he and Pingree have been going back and forth on these issues to the point where the two placed a $1 bet with one another at RSA about Facebook's long-term potential as an enterprise IAM play. For his part, Lieberman says Facebook simply can't handle the hierarchical, group-based nature of enterprise identity environments.
  • SC Magazine UK, April 2013

    SC Magazine“For example, this survey revealed the unfortunate fact that 32 per cent of IT groups are still not changing default passwords when deploying new systems. This simply must be a standard practice in any size organisation. Default privileged passwords are, in the truest sense, open backdoors into systems that are deployed on production networks."
  • IT Pro Portal, April 2013

    IT Pro PortalLieberman believes a lack of security consciousness among other US organisations will cost the country dearly. “The next major threat will come from a nation state taking aim at our critical national infrastructure and knocking out resources essential to life,” he said. “This will be an easy target since many of the utilities have little interest or appreciation for security. Their systems have been fully characterised by hostile powers external to the United States and will eventually be turned off and/or damaged when the time is right.”

  • Dark Reading, April 2013

    Dark Reading"AD can be used in so many ways. Microsoft is already using it for hundreds of millions of users as the basis for all of its cloud-based services, so scalability isn't an issue," Lieberman says. "It's just a place to store stuff about identities and information about what they can do. Out of the box it ties all of the Microsoft stuff together but there was never a restriction that said you couldn't use it for something else."
  • Channelnomics, March 2013

    Channelnomics"But what Lieberman Software hoped to demonstrate was that organizations, and subsequently the channel, will consistently require some kind of alternative solution that not only prevents users from circumventing security, but compels adherence. Lieberman pointed to its own flagship privileged identity management (PIM) solution as a viable answer."
  • TechZone 360, March 2013

    Tech Zone"As identity management company Lieberman Software found out with a survey of IT security professionals at RSA, the state of unauthorized privileged access and the likelihood of their own organizations withstanding data breaches have their hands full. In fact, as referenced below, even if the CEO mandates certain practices the pros think even the boss with have his/her wishes ignored."
  • Business News Daily, March 2013

    Business News Daily"These behaviors are continuing even after it has been proven that human error is the leading cause of data breaches," Lieberman said. "Organizations need to implement better cybersecurity training that properly instructs staff about the consequences of data breaches."
  • GRC Daily, March 2013

    GRC Daily"A recent survey from Lieberman Software Corporation reveals that more than 80% of IT security professionals believe that corporate employees deliberately ignore security rules issued by the IT department."
  • Dark, March 2013

    Dark ReadingAccording to Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software, in spite of AD's supreme scalablity, the problems McKinnon identifies contributes to LDAP's lack of viability as an authentication method organizations can use in the cloud. "That's not necessarily what they might want to use and so this brings up the question of federation," says Lieberman, pointing to rumblings of using a mechanism like a Facebook log-in to tie together access to enterprise cloud resources.
  • Dark Reading, March 2013

    Dark ReadingThere are a LOT of "privileged identity management" solutions available on the market that can manage local admin accounts: Lieberman Software - Random Password Manager and Enterprise Random Password Manager.
  • Los Angeles Times, March 2013

    LA TimesLos Angeles cyber-security expert Philip Lieberman, who consults for some of the companies that took part in the meeting, said Obama was trying to persuade the CEOs to spend more on network security and to work more closely with the federal government against cyber threats.
  • SC Magazine UK, March 2013

    SC MagazinePhil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, said: “The reality of the situation is that the loss of the encrypted password file is probably a non-event since the ability to figure out the actual passwords is pretty much impractical. I believe that the company figured that the decision to ask users to change their passwords was in actuality a real abundance of caution and a potential protection against a lawsuit.”
  • IT Jungle, March 2013

    it jungle"Last week, security software vendor Lieberman Software launched a version of the two man rule to control the passwords for privileged user profiles."
  • San Jose Mercury News, March 2013

    San Jose Mercury NewsSome information placed in the cloud can get into the wrong hands because of equipment mishaps or employee foul-ups. There also are growing fears it could happen it as a result of lawsuits or government subpoenas. Of 100-plus IT professionals polled last year by security firm Lieberman Software, 48 percent said "the thought of government or legal action deters them from keeping data in the cloud."
  • London Loves Business, February 2013

    London Loves Business"A research into the opinions of IT specialists carried out by Lieberman Software in 2012 found that 67% of respondents thought that BYOD increased IT and security costs and 43% worried that BYOD could lead to a virus infecting the organisation."
  • GRC Daily, February 2013

    GRC DailyLieberman Software Corporation is extending double safekeeping to privileged identity management in the latest version of its Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) product.
  • Info Security Products Guide, February 2013

    InfoSecurity"The next major threat will come from a nation state taking aim at our critical national infrastructure and knocking out resources essential to life.  This will be an easy target since many of the utilities have little interest or appreciation for security.  Their systems have been fully characterized by hostile powers external to the United States and will eventually be turned off and/or damaged when the time is right."
  • ChannelBiz, February 2013

    ChannelBiz"Half of all IT professionals aren’t buying into cloud services – and government snoopers know exactly which half, because its their fault, says a report. Suspicions of omnipotent Big Brotherly monitoring of sensitive and private cloud data is killing interest in the cloud computing sector, according to Lieberman Software."
  • InfoSecurity Russia, January 2013

    InfoSecurity Russian"How to control privileged accounts." (Russian)

  • TechNewsWorld, January 2013

    TechNewsWorldYubico's hardware, which can be plugged into a card reader or USB port, has some consumer perks, according to Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "They are the only solution that allows the consumer to program their own token, rather than depend on the vendor of the token itself."
  • Dark Reading, January 2013

    Dark Reading"Often orphan accounts are left enabled because of messy provisioning processes that leave permissions so tangled with key business processes it would be a nightmare to clean up. For example, Lieberman says he's seen environments where users in IT install line of business applications using their personal account as the service account, so that the application runs all users of that application under that user account. If the employee who installed the application leaves, and the HR or IT department shuts down their account, then the line of business application goes off-line."
  • CRN UK, January 2013

    CRN UKFresh from inking their first joint customer win, privileged identity management vendor Lieberman and VAR Accumuli Security have struck up a European partnership. The duo recently won a deal to implement Lieberman's Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) at an unnamed "large grocery retailer".

  • ProSecurityZone, January 2013

    ProSecurityZone“Provided the cloud service has underlying VPN encryption and other basic security facilities, then it can often make economic sense to invest in a privileged identity management platform – with all the extra security features this offers – than going down the value-added cloud services trail,” he said.

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