In the News: 2012

  • CRN, December 2012

    CRN"Lieberman Software has issued the results of a survey of IT professionals regarding their views of cloud services and security...While most were willing to give the cloud credit for cost and ease-of-use, concerns about security abound."
  • Accounting Technology, December 2012

    Accounting Technology"IT managers still have some mixed feelings about the cloud, according to a recent survey from Lieberman Software Corporation. 51 percent of respondents indicated they don’t trust the cloud for any of their personal data while 91 percent believe the move to cloud services has been more convenient for their organization’s in-house IT team."
  • Computer Weekly, December 2012

    Computer Weekly"Some 86% of those polled by Lieberman Software said they do not trust the cloud for their organisation’s more sensitive data, and 88% said that they believe that there is a chance that the data their organisation keeps in the cloud could be lost, corrupted or accessed by unauthorised individuals."
  • InfoSecurity, December 2012

    Info SecurityAt November’s 2012 Cloud Security Alliance Congress held at Orlando, Lieberman Software questioned attending IT professionals about their attitude toward and trust in the cloud – and got a conflicted response. Eighty-six percent of the survey respondents think that their organization's cloud deployment has been successful, and 56% think that their move to cloud services has saved their organization money.
  • Network Computing, December 2012

    Network Computing"Biometrics on mobile devices will be a non-starter due to the mismatch between the cost (and) capabilities of consumer-grade hardware for biometrics and the needs for security and reliability for enterprises," said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software.
  • Pro Security Zone, December 2012

    ProSecurityZone“The problem is a lack of privileged identity management technology as well as lax and/or non-existent controls for access to sensitive information.  Additional technology such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and access control processes for approval workflows exist to minimize these losses, but unfortunately most companies implement the elements after the damage is done."
  • Los Angeles Times, November 2012

    LA Times"Any time you use a telephone or a computer, there is an electronic trail," said Philip Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software, which specializes in computer security. Phone carriers and Internet providers monetize every digital communication and have a vested interest in tracking caller origination. "It is virtually impossible not to get caught unless they have a heavy level of sophistication."
  • Newsfactor, November 2012

    Newsfactor"Lieberman Software Corporation today announced that its Service Account Manager product was named a Silver medal winner for Best System Utility in the 2012 Editors' Best Awards by Penton Media's Windows IT Pro."
  • Network World, November 2012

    Network World"Meanwhile, in a survey by Lieberman Software, most respondents (67%) said BYOD would increase IT and security costs."
  • Finextra, October 2012

    Finextra"Lieberman Software has launched new functionality that allows ERPM to provide secure check-in/check-out of privileged credentials directly through the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) web-based interface, and provides identity and configuration data enrichment for ePO."
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, October 2012

    Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal"As a result of the certified integration, ERPM is helping to better secure environments supporting SAP solutions by preventing the risky practice of shared administrative credentials. Rather than multiple IT administrators sharing the same privileged passwords anonymously, ERPM provides unique and complex passwords for each privileged account, and reports who had access to each privileged login, when, and for what purpose."
  • Network World, October 2012

    network worldIt's difficult for companies to protect themselves given the level of sophistication of many adversaries. "With the most sophisticated attacker at the threat controls, organizations won't stand a chance," said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "They would need to have NSA-like teams on staff -- or NSA-like partners -- if they are to prevent targeted attacks," Lieberman said.
  • FIerceCIO, September 2012

    FierceCIO"According to a recent survey of 250 IT professionals, conducted by security vendor Lieberman Software, two-thirds of respondents believe that BYOD increases costs, due to the added security risks and measures required to lessen those risks."
  • Computerworld-UK, September 2012

    Computerworld UK"With all the packaged solutions available today, there is no excuse not to act.   I was reminded of this by a recent announcement from Lieberman Software, which said that the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, one of the largest hospitals in northern Germany, has purchased Lieberman's Random Password Manager  (RPM) product and deployed it on more than 1,600 Active Directory managed systems."
  • CIO Insight, September 2012

    CIO Insight"...a recently announced survey from Lieberman Software, a company that delivers privileged identity management and security services to the enterprise, explains that the power IT has might not be as great as it seems. In fact, when left unfettered, the IT side can potentially have a bit too much access to the things that might matter most to the business side."
  • The Next Web, September 2012

    The Next Web"Lieberman says that the C-suite views the implementation of stringent methodology to combat potential hacking threats a lot like the way many regular people treat car insurance: why spend the money to adopt a comprehensive plan hinged upon a mere threat that isn’t guaranteed? From a cost-risk analysis perspective, a procedural defense against cyberthreats doesn’t seem worth it."
  • Computerworld UK, September 2012

    Computerworld UK"IT professionals are allowed to roam around corporate networks unchecked, according to a survey of more than 450 IT professionals by security software firm Lieberman Software."
  • Interactive Intelligence, August 2012

    Interactive Intelligence"Lieberman Software Corp. announced that Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) has been recognized as a finalist in the 2012 Golden Bridge Awards, made in the USA software category."
  • ChannelBiz, August 2012

    ChannelBiz"Lieberman Software Corporation is warning that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has businesses worried that they will be opening themselves up to exposure from viruses and risk losing data."
  • SQL Server Pro, July 2012

    SQL Server Pro"Lieberman Software has announced that its privileged identity management solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager, now supports SQL Server 2012. The solution now automatically discovers SQL Server 2012 accounts in the database, and updates and propagates account credentials everywhere that they are used in the data center."
  • eWeek, July 2012

    eweek"According to an October 2011 survey of 300 IT pros by Lieberman Software, 51 percent of respondents had at least 10 passwords to remember for use in their work, and 42 percent said that in their organizations IT staffers are sharing passwords to access systems or applications."
  • Salt Lake Tribune, July 2012

    SLT"In an October 2011 survey by security firm Lieberman Software, 51 percent of IT professionals said they had 10 or more passwords to remember for work. Nearly half, or 42 percent, said their IT staffs were sharing passwords to systems or applications."
  • FierceCIO, July 2012

    FierceCIOCyber security expert Philip Lieberman, who is the CEO of identity management technology provider Lieberman Software, had some harsh words for Yahoo. "This is a gigantic warning to consumers about trusting their personal information to large companies that don't prioritize security and privacy as business goals of their company," says Lieberman. "The nature of this hack points to Yahoo taking the cheap way out for databases via mySQL and then not even bothering to encrypt or hash passwords."
  • Dark Reading, July 2012

    Dark ReadingAnd says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, it is not something that can be contained by simple use of Active Directory. "Over the last few years, the slow and unstoppable adoption of Microsoft Active Directory as the core identity management systems has begun to erode as companies force the adoption of cloud-based resources and applications that don't have the ability [easily or otherwise] to integrate external and internal identity management resources," he says.
  • eSecurity Planet, June 2012

    eSecurity Planet"Changing passwords in many organizations causes outages," says Phil Lieberman, chief executive of security vendor Lieberman Software. "In these organizations, administrators don't know precisely what accounts exist and where they are. If you don't know what machines you have, you might miss some and cause a lockout when you carry out a password change as some machines will still try to use the old credentials. So changing passwords in these organizations is just not going to happen."
  • PC World, June 2012

    PCWorldPhilip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, says the survey results illustrate that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the IT outsourcing fence. “The fact that trust in the quality of work is being eroded is a worrying trend but, for me, the thought that work is being manufactured to inflate fees is even more of a concern.”
  • UK Authority, June 2012

    UK Authority"The second piece of information is a survey of 250 IT professionals released today by security software specialist Lieberman Software, which reveals that IT outsourcing, instead of saving organisations money, can actually end up costing significantly more."
  • Digital ID News, June 2012

    Digital ID News"Lieberman Software has released additional support for its Enterprise Random Password Manager product that provides authenticated enterprise access for government and military settings. The product can now leverage major smart card and certificate formats."
  • Computerworld, June 2012

    Computerworld"I think this was a throw-away account, or at best, one run by a staffer," said Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, an identity and password management developer. "I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have a number of accounts, but where he came from, the equity capital business, I'd be shocked if his confidential information wasn't done through a full email service, not a free consumer-grade account like this. With his experience in fiduciary and confidentiality responsibility, security has got to be baked into his DNA."
  • TechNewsWorld, June 2012

    TechNewsWorldIt is important to note that some of the people making claims the U.S. "lost control" and was "naive" have their own agendas, Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld. Many of these claims are being made by standalone "security experts" with a stake in furthering their reputations rather than weighing the pros and cons of the strategy , he said.
  • Dark Reading, June 2012

    Dark ReadingAccording to Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, organizations usually have the choice between two types of compliance solution. "The first will not scale or work, but is provided by an appliance. The second that requires integration into line of business infrastructure to close the holes," Lieberman says. "When approached with the two, the first solution is chosen because [they believe] a failure of a solution is better than one that requires inter-department cooperation."
  • Los Angeles Times, June 2012

    LA Times"You're seeing an evolution of warfare that's really intriguing," said Phil Lieberman, a security consultant and chief executive of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles. "Warfare where no one is dying."
  • IT Analysis, May 2012

    IT Analysis"Commenting on reports that the hacker group UGNazi gained access to the billing database of WHMCS – a billing service company used by a number of firms – Lieberman Software says that privilege account management could have significantly reduced the risk that this type of incursion would occur."
  • Vigilance Security Magazine, May 2012

    Vigilance SecurityHaving listened to him speak, what we could glean from this crusader and evangelist was that Lieberman is to the IT world what St. Paul was to the gospel for he is out to bring order to the prevailing chaos within the global IT industry. “We follow industry’s best practice…what controls do you have in place?”
  • Network World, May 2012

    network world[Account Reset Console] permits delegated users to reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts, helping organizations maintain high productivity levels while simultaneously strengthening security.

  • Enterprise Systems Journal, May 2012

    Enterprise Systems Journal"Lieberman Software Corporation has released Account Reset Console 6.0, the latest version of the company’s self-service password reset solution. The product permits delegated users to reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts without involving IT staff, helping organizations maintain high productivity levels while simultaneously strengthening security."

  • Midsize Insider, April 2012

    Midsize Insider"That said, in an article on PCWorld from November 2011, Philip Lieberman, the founder and president of Lieberman Software, proposes that silent updates could actually be a risk for enterprises."
  • Vigilance, April 2012

    Vigilance Security"Without ERPM, these credentials typically remain unmanaged and can potentially lead to breaches of sensitive business data and violations of regulatory compliance requirements."
  • Network Products Guide, April 2012

    Network Products Guide"Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, discusses 1:1 with Rake Narang, Editor-in-Chief of Network Products Guide, the high-level approach CIOs and CSOs should take when it comes to social networks and mobile devices."
  • SC Magazine, April 2012

    SC Magazine"I spoke to Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, who told me that every company his firm has engaged with has well-known accounts and passwords -- such as “guest” and “root” -- and these accounts and passwords are generally used each and every day without question."
  • Dark Reading, March 2012

    Dark Reading"Federation and SSO are designed to make the user's life easier, not improve or even maintain the security of their transactions. Logon convenience has its costs, and with free authentication services, you get what you pay for," says Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software.
  • InfoTech Spotlight, March 2012

    InfoTechHere's where a recent product from Lieberman Software comes in, Enterprise Random Password Manager. According to company officials, it "scans the network, detecting and securing default and well-known privileged logins," the kind so treasured by hackers, disgruntled employees and malware.
  • Global Security Magazine, March 2012

    Global Security Magazine"Lieberman Software says that it took coding experts with the University of Michigan just a few hours to compromise the system’s security and ‘elect’ a cartoon character from ’Futurama’ to the Washington DC election board. Philip Lieberman, president and Chief Executive of the security software specialist, says that the multi-stage crack could almost certainly have been prevented had the developers of the electronic voting system built privileged identity management into the system."
  • eWeek, March 2012

    eweek"Administrators can use Enterprise Random Password Manager to identify known built-in administrator passwords and default configurations in the network."
  • SearchSecurity, March 2012

    SearchSecurity"Los Angeles-based Lieberman said that with ERPM, default and other easily cracked and widely known passwords are automatically secured, and IT-authorized administrators are given an authoritative audit trail of their access."
  • GovInfo Security, February 2012

    GovInfo Security"Lieberman Software Corporation announced that with its latest release, the company's flagship product Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) now offers a solution to identify known, built-in administrator passwords in the network, providing IT staff more knowledge and control to secure privileged accounts against unauthorized access."
  • Network World, February 2012

    network worldEnterprise Random Password Manager's new "known password discovery" feature scans your network, detecting and securing default and well-known privileged logins that make it easy for unauthorized individuals and malware to access private data.
  • IT Web, February 2012

    ITWeb"From Operation Aurora, the 2009 cyber attacks on Google and other large enterprises, to the recent breach of VeriSign, hackers have learnt to exploit a frightening and frequently ignored lapse in network security to gain control of victim networks. Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, explains what companies can do to mitigate the risks of falling prey to this trend."
  • Dark Reading, February 2012

    Dark Reading“The issue of not changing passwords on critical infrastructure is epidemic,” says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. “This is happening in most corporations all over the world.”
  • Info Security Products Guide, February 2012

    InfoSecurity"Among these bad behaviors is setting common Superuser and administrator accounts on multiple (or sometimes all) systems to the same never changing password.  This Common Credentials Dilemma means that if one machine becomes compromised and its internal password(s) discovered (look up Rainbow Table Attack on a search engine), any common account/passwords can be used to access other systems.  This is one of the ways that viruses such as Conficker spread."
  • PC Pro, February 2012

    PC Pro"The problem is that passwords are a vulnerable means of protecting anything. A recent survey into corporate password usage by Lieberman Software revealed that 51% of those questioned had ten or more passwords to remember, and 42% admitted to actively sharing passwords."
  • Virtual Strategy Magazine, January 2012

    1Virtual Strategy Magazine"Insider threats backed by malicious intent, and the risks associated with insider breaches will grow in 2012...In a recent survey from Lieberman Software, more than 48 percent of survey participants said they have worked at an organization whose systems got compromised by a hacker."
  • DarkReading, January 2012

    Dark Reading“Web applications use a stack of middleware that contains sensitive credentials as well as database credentials that are generally not proactively managed. This situation is a result of both a lack of resources and skill to manage the password change process,” says Lieberman, who explains his firm has been refining technology to automate credentials in middleware stacks for the better part of a decade.
  • Business News Daily, January 2012

    Business News DailyThere could be legal consequences as well, as Philip Lieberman, president of the Los Angeles security-solutions firm Lieberman Software, pointed out.  "Should an employee's device contain sensitive or proprietary information that is transferred to their new employer," Lieberman said, "the employee could be subject to serious legal consequences."
  • Computer Weekly, January 2012

    Computer Weekly"According to a survey carried out at InfoSecurity Europe 2011, in London, and the RSA Conference 2011, in San Francisco, IT services contracts were costing more than expected for 62% of businesses. The survey conducted by automation software supplier Lieberman Software found that out of the 500 IT professionals, who responded, a landslide 62% admitted to their outsourcing contracts costing them more than expected, despite turning to the option of outsourcing as a way to cut costs."
  • Dark Reading, January 2012

    Dark Reading“Passphrases are a much better solution to shared secrets compared to simple one-word passwords," says Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. “Making passphrases more secure than one-word passwords is simple mathematics. The ability to reverse a single-word password is simply a matter of the length of the password itself -- hash lookups."

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