In the News: 2011

  • FierceCIO, December 2011

    FierceCIO"Sharing information about data breaches with the government and fellow corporations is the right thing to do, isn't it? There's a difference of opinion on this one, and it is exemplified by the positions of Peter George, president and CEO of Fidelis Security Systems, and Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software."
  • MicroScope, December 2011

    Microscope"Philip Lieberman, President and CEO Lieberman Software, says that there is a perception gap between smart devices and smart security."

  • ComputerWeekly, December 2011

    Computer Weekly"At least one in four IT security staff use their privileged login rights to look at confidential information, a survey has revealed.More than a quarter of the 300 IT professionals polled in the latest annual password survey by identity management firm Lieberman Software said they could not resist peeking at redundancy lists, payroll information and other sensitive data including, for example,  Christmas bonus details."
  • Federal Computer Week, December 2011

    Federal Computer Week"Hackers often exploit vulnerabilities in these two areas to breach an organization’s systems and networks. But despite the dramatic spike in data breaches over the past year, senior management in many organizations fails to understand the basics of IT security, said Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, a security management company that conducted the survey."
  • Slashdot, December 2011

    Slashdot"IT security staff will be some of the most informed people at the office Christmas party this year. A full 26 per cent of them admit to using their privileged log in rights to look at confidential information they should not have had access to in the first place. It has proved just too tempting, and maybe just human nature, for them to rifle through redundancy lists, payroll information and other sensitive data including, for example, other people's Christmas bonus details."
  • SC Magazine UK, December 2011

    SC Magazine UK"It is not all office staff that cause an issue at this time of year though, as according to research by Lieberman Software, 26 per cent of IT security staff will use their privileged login rights to look at confidential information."
  • Dark Reading, December 2011

    Dark ReadingBut Phil Lieberman of privileged identity management vendor Lieberman Software says there is a big Achilles heel in that method."So essentially you understand where to put the locks after you put the cameras up after they've broken in? The assumptions they're making are just wrong," he says. "In privileged identity, there are two classes of identity: There are those that are named and then those that are generic accounts."
  • Channelnomics, December 2011

    Channelnomics"Lieberman Software recently surveyed more than 300 IT professionals and found a fundamental lack of IT security awareness in enterprises, particularly in the areas of password control and privileged logins — potentially paving the way for a wave of data breaches in 2012."
  • ARS Technica, November 2011

    Ars Technica"AT&T has absorbed its losses, refunding customers for the fraudulent charges. That's unusual in a PBX-hacking case, Lieberman Software CEO Phil Lieberman said in an interview with Ars Technica—usually the customers get stuck with the bill for their poor PBX security, and the telecommunications providers rarely warn them of strange billing patterns. (Lieberman Software provides security software to a number of companies in the telecommunications business.)"
  • Global Security, November 2011

    Global Security Magazine"BalaBit IT Security – Lieberman Software Partnership Controls and Records Access to Privileged Accounts"

  • Help Net Security, November 2011

    Help Net Security"Mozilla is planning to implement silent background updates in the upcoming version of Firefox 10, which could be very bad news on the security front, according to Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software."
  • CSO, November 2011

    CSO"Jamming a GPS signal at the source is next to impossible, says Phil Lieberman, founder of enterprise security vendor Lieberman Software. Blocking the radio signals that are broadcast from orbiting GPS satellites would require a massive countertransmission."
  • InfoTech, November 2011

    InfoTech"Officials with Lieberman Software said that by combining Lieberman’ privileged identity management solutions with Viewfinity’s advanced capabilities for privileged user management, they can eliminate a wide range of security threats related to unmanaged privileged access."
  • Global Security Magazine, November 2011

    Global Security Magazine"Lieberman Software Corporation announced a new partnership with Viewfinity, a provider of privileged management and application controls. The alliance integrates Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) with Viewfinity’s Privilege Management..."
  • TechNewsWorld, November 2011

    TechNewsWorld"This is a typical 'marketing versus reality' approach to get customers to sign up for the next version [of Windows]," Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld.
  • Works Management, November 2011

    Works Management"Commenting on reports from Symantec that hackers targeted nearly 30 companies in the chemical industry this summer, with the intent of stealing sensitive IP, Lieberman Software says that this latest cyber crime wave cries out for privileged identity management technology."
  • Government Security News, November 2011

    GSN"Lieberman Software understands that flaws in most organization’s enterprise password management policies can lead to serious security breaches."
  • Network World, November 2011

    network world"It's time for the federal government to put shysters that attack breached companies out of business and allow corporations to do the right thing by disclosing breaches without punishment. Today, however, companies should not share breach information."
  • InformationWeek, October 2011

    InformationWeekOne in four IT professionals say they know of at least one IT co-worker at their business who's used privileged login credentials to inappropriately access sensitive information. Furthermore, 42% report that IT staff freely share passwords and access to multiple business systems and applications.
  • IT Business Edge, October 2011

    IT Business Edge"In 2011, Lieberman Software surveyed more than 300 IT professionals for their insights into password practices and security outcomes. Portions of the survey focused on the numbers of passwords in use, sharing of privileged passwords, organizational security and other areas."
  • Digital ID News, October 2011

    Digital ID News"Lieberman Software has developed functionality for its Enterprise Random Password Manager product to automatically discover and update credentials used by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software."
  • InfoTech, October 2011

    InfoTech"Revealing that 48 percent of IT security professionals surveyed have worked for organizations whose network has been breached by a hacker, identity management provider Lieberman Software Corporation has announced the results of its Password 2011 survey."
  • ComputerWeekly, October 2011

    Computer Weekly"The survey paints a vivid picture of password chaos among IT staff and apathy about password security amongst senior management, said Lieberman Software, which conducted the survey."
  • Dark Reading, October 2011

    Dark Reading"In general, I think that this points at the very interesting area of data correlation, specifically in the work done through security information and event management and behavioral analysis systems," says Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "It is a second-order goal. The first order is detecting the fraud, the second order is tying together who all the players are."
  • MarketWatch, October 2011

    Marketwatch“Government needs to provide clear federal safe-harbor rules that allow companies to report intrusions without draconian legal or fine consequences as long as the company immediately reports intrusions and cooperates with law enforcement,” said Phil Lieberman of Los Angeles-based Lieberman Software.
  •, October 2011

    Info Security"Reports that air traffic control data has been found on network kits sold on eBay comes as no surprise, says Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software."
  • Vigilance Security Magazine, October 2011

    Vigilance Security"The solution, says the Lieberman Software president, is to use privileged identity management (PIM) software. PIM solutions such as Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) can eliminate this risk regardless of whether your equipment is ever recycled or sold."
  • BBC News, October 2011

    BBC"Phil Lieberman believes NFC chips are at risk from hackers."
  • Infosecurity, October 2011

    Info Security"Lieberman went on to say that, while it remains to be seen whether this payment card data was encrypted, the firm is still in clear breach of the PCI DSS rules and may well have been in breach of the Data Protection Act as some customer data was allegedly stolen by cybercriminals in Cambodia."
  • eSecurityPlanet, September 2011

    eSecurity PlanetIn answering the question directly on whether SMS-based authentication is superior to security tokens, Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software and chief blogger at IdentityWeek, said, “It’s really a toss-up with no right answer. SMS-based authentication is technically inferior to hard tokens in that the transmission could theoretically be intercepted and used by an intruder.
  • Bobsguide, September 2011

    Bobsguide"The German IT security watchdog has issued a warning about a large number of e-commerce Web sites that are infected with malware and, says Lieberman Software, the reason for the infections is simple: the Web site operators have failed to keep their software up to date."
  • ITPnet, September 2011

    ITPnet"Lieberman Software Corporation has appointed Nanjgel Solutions as its value added distributor for the Middle East."
  • Global Security Magazine, September 2011

    Global Security Magazine"Reports that a trader with UBS has been arrested in connection with a potential two billion dollar `rogue trader’ fraud suggest that the banker has been controlling trading accounts to which he should not have had access, says Lieberman Software."
  • Works Management, September 2011

    1Works Management"And given that 42% of IT staff can gain unauthorised access to their organisations' most sensitive information, according to a survey by security management firm Lieberman Software, the importance of this kind of protection cannot be overstated."
  • M2M, August 2011

    M2M"According to Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, the privileged identity management and security management specialist, the case is an interesting one as it appears to involve the hacking of the affected financial institution's computer system that controlled the bank's pre-paid debit card security parameters."
  • SC Magazine UK, August 2011

    SC Magazine"EdgeSeven will provide Lieberman Software's PIM and security management products to its customers throughout the United Kingdom."
  • Phones Review, August 2011

    Phones Review"Lieberman Software is calling out to all companies to go wired-only, the reason they are saying this is all down to a new Android Trojan Attack app that appears to be surfacing."
  • Channel Insider, August 2011

    Channel Insider"Is data less secure during an economic downturn? If your firm is laying off workers, the answer is yes. IT workers are able to access a range of sensitive information, including the CEO's private documents, and some would do whatever it took to benefit from that access if they were to be laid off. That’s according to a new survey by password management firm Lieberman Software..."
  • CIO Insight, August 2011

    CIO Insight"A survey conducted by Lieberman Software...reveals that, for the most part, senior business executives don’t fully understand the true nature of IT’s role in the workplace. They also appear to have no clue about how much power IT professionals have when it comes to data access."
  • SC Magazine, July 2011

    SC Magazine"According to a survey of 500 IT professionals by Lieberman Software, 42 percent are able to access a company's most sensitive information, including the CEO's private documents."
  • Digital ID News, July 2011

    Digital ID News"In response to customer demand for an alternative to authentication product, Lieberman Software Corporation has teamed with Yubico to offer an enhanced multi-factor authentication token."
  • Bobsguide, July 2011

    BobsguideLieberman Software has integrated support for HP iLO devices in its privileged identity management (PIM) solutions Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)...
  • eSecurity Planet, July 2011

    eSecurity PlanetDelete VMs when you listen to them, and don't leave sensitive info in VM. "Don't use VM to file key info," said Lieberman. "There is no way to find out it's been accessed." He also advises making it a practice to retrieve VMs frequently and often. The longer they sit on the server, the more likely they will be hacked.

  • Redmond Channel Partner, June 2011

    Redmond Channel Partner"Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software said that while MSPs have experienced a very interesting evolution and could therefore potentially provide much better security and oversight for their MSP offerings compared to what is offered by the large providers, it's unclear whether the seemingly symbiotic relationship could spark antagonism. This is especially true, contends Lieberman with the advent of the cloud and, by extension, the need for cloud security."
  • InfoTech, June 2011

    InfoTech"Under the terms of the partnership, Value Team will resell  the entire Lieberman Software product line throughout Italy and southern Europe."
  • Kuppinger Cole, June 2011

    kuppinger"These are only a few of those companies I have seen, and of course there are more, that do a great Job such as Lieberman Software, Imperva of M86Security. Overall, one might identify a trend: more and more vendors respond to the demand of end-users that preventive controls are nice and if doable and affordable they are the best one can do..."
  • Computer Business Review, June 2011

    Computer Business ReviewPhilip Lieberman, CEO and president of Lieberman Software, has put the boot into RSA over what he calls lack of investment in its R&D that could have prevented the breach of its defences in March this year. Since then RSA, the security division of EMC, has acknowledged that information stolen from its network was used to carry out a cyber attack against Lockheed Martin, which means it needs to replace all of the 40 million SecurID hardware tokens in existence.
  • SC Magazine, June 2011

    SC MagazinePhilip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, said that the cost is not just bad news for RSA, but it paints the rest of the IT security industry in a bad light. He said: “I put the fault squarely on the senior management of EMC for treating the SecurID division as a cash cow that received little to no investment after RSA was acquired by EMC."
  • Phones Review, June 2011

    Phones Review"The flurry of news surrounding mobile wallets and how NFC (near field communications) will soon allow us all to ditch our credit and debit cards in favour of a payment-enabled mobile phone ignores the security issue that is staring us in the face, says Phil Lieberman, the CEO of Lieberman Software."
  • Network World, May 2011

    network world"Lieberman went on to say that lessons need to be learned from smartphone Web browsers such as Safari on the Apple iPhone and iPad, which displays the URL details and search engine element at the top of the user’s screens at all times."
  • MCP Magazine, May 2011

    MCP Magazine"One of the attendees and exhibitors at the confab, Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, has some strong feelings about cloud security -- more aptly, the lack thereof."
  • Computerworld, May 2011

    ComputerworldA new survey reveals that clients are not happy with their IT outsourcing deals, with some respondents saying their contracts have become more expensive than originally planned. A press statement by Lieberman Software expressed "shock", and surprising and "astonishing" revelations, including a possible "breaking point" between outsourcing companies and their clients.
  • PC World, May 2011

    PC World"Jamming a GPS signal at the source is next to impossible, says Phil Lieberman, founder of enterprise security vendor Lieberman Software. Blocking the radio signals broadcast from orbiting GPS satellites would require a massive counter-transmission. And because the satellites are operated by the U.S. military, jamming them would be considered an act of war and a federal crime, says Lieberman."
  • Channel Insider, May 2011

    ChannelInsiderAccording to a survey conducted by Lieberman Software among 500 IT professionals, more than three-quarters of IT professionals who work in organizations that use outsourcing say their providers have "made up" work in order to rake in extra cash.
  • Redmond Magazine, May 2011

    redmond"Phil is a true software character. The president of Lieberman Software, Phil is known for working directly with his customers, at all hours of the day and night, to solve their problems. Based in Hollywood, Lieberman doesn't just lead his eponymously named privilege management and security concern, but is an outspoken advocate for more secure software and hardware."
  • Tech Zone, May 2011

    Tech Zone"IT departments that outsource often end up paying much more than initially anticipated, according to the results of a new survey from security and identity management provider Lieberman Software."
  • Computer Weekly, May 2011

    Computer Weekly"Outsourcing contracts cost businesses more than expected, finds Lieberman survey."
  • Computing, May 2011

    ComputingAn overwhelming majority (77 per cent) of IT professionals who work in organisations that use outsourcing believe that their outsourcers have "made up" work in order to earn extra money.New research from Lieberman Software also shows that 62 per cent of respondents said that, compared with their original plans, their outsourcing agreements had cost them more than anticipated.
  • Cloud Pro, May 2011

    Cloud Pro"The SAS70 auditing standard for third-party providers is a massive fraud, says Phil Lieberman of the eponymous Lieberman Software. SAS 70 is widely used in the US as an indicator of the reliability of service providers..."
  • CSO, May 2011

    CSO"The attacks suggest that Sony may have more work to do securing its networks than it might have bargained for, said Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. The company's hard-line stance on copyright protection has earned it several enemies within the hacker community. Many of them are taking advantage of the publicity surrounding the Sony intrusions to try and further embarrass Sony, he said."
  • eWeek, May 2011

    eweekThere are “no consequences” for companies that “under-invest” in security, Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, told eWEEK. As such, users should “always assume” that companies asking for personal information are “totally incompetent at securing the data,” Lieberman said.
  • InformationWeek, April 2011

    InformationWeekSecurity experts believe that the lack of details around this announcement shows that consumers may still be at risk of this data being used by whoever hacked Sony. Word of the hack came earlier this week. "They're not certain credit card data wasn't lost," says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. "The only statement they made was that credit card data was encrypted, which is a requirement of PCI."
  • Wall Street Journal, April 2011

    WSJPhil Lieberman, CEO andfounder of Lieberman Software contacted us with some useful tips tocounter identity fraud, a couple of which are worth thinking about.

    • Don’t provide your correct date of birth or other personalinformation to this type of vendor (i.e. playing games on-line)
    • Use a throw away email account
  • Cloud Strategy Magazine, April 2011

    Cloud Strategy"When it comes to cloud computing, the security and compliance landscape is riddled with pitfalls and continues to shift. My opinion is that cloud security, particularly public cloud security, is wholly inadequate."
  • IT Pro Portal, April 2011

    IT Pro Portal"Phil Lieberman was concerned about issues of identity management where should a user take advantage of an application from one cloud provider and need to link this into an application from a second cloud provider, how would their identity be properly passed on and perhaps even to a third and fourth cloud. This had two issues – the first in preventing identity theft and the second in the cloud vendors knowing that the user was authorised to use their applications."
  • IT Pro, April 2011

    ITPro“Although the hackers would have been able to download much of the source code on the servers, possibly including custom-developed code of premium clients of the company, WordPress appears to have followed best practice and encrypted the password files, as well as private information such as credit card details," said Phil Lieberman, president of identity management specialist Lieberman Software.
  • Microscope, April 2011

    Microscope"Lieberman Software products deploy quickly," he says. "Without the need for custom scripting and endless service engagements. We're proud to have the smallest service revenue of any vendor in our market - by design - because our software works as advertised."
  • InfoSecurity, April 2011

    Info Security"Commenting on the breach, Phil Lieberman, managing director of Lieberman Software, said that the incident demonstrates the dangers of failing to use high-level information security and audit controls for sensitive data."
  • Online Casinos, April 2011

    Online Casinos"Philip Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software, explains how threats from within a casino structure can be just as dangerous as those from outside."
  • Smart Business, April 2011

    Smart Business“If you don’t have the money to invest in IT, in hardware, in software, in upgrades or you don’t have the expertise, then the cloud offerings are compelling,” says Philip Lieberman, founder, president and CEO of Lieberman Software Corp., which provides solutions used by large national defense and large corporations.
  • Global Security Magazine, March 2011

    Global Security Magazine"Recent Microsoft research shows that almost two-fifths of companies will start paying for cloud services within three years. Lieberman Software today warns that cloud-using firms also need to revisit their encryption needs as result."
  • FierceCIO, March 2011

    FierceCIO"Lieberman Software has been working with ISPs and cloud vendors for more than 17 years, and continues to lead the industry by providing highly scalable solutions that address critical issues of multi-tenancy within cloud infrastructures..."

  • Windows IT Pro, March 2011

    winitproWhile some progress has been made towards improving cloud security, many security obstacles remain. Lieberman Software President and CEO Philip Lieberman echoed that sentiment, saying that "Customers have a real reason to be concerned. There's a lack of transparency and consistency when it comes to logs and auditing, to reveal what is truly happening in a cloud environment," Lieberman said.
  • Phones Review, February 2011

    Phones ReviewLieberman Software specializes in security solutions and privileged identity management, and Phil further states…“This is the biggest issue with open source software. Whilst the economic imperative to go open source is clearly very strong, companies that use open source, such as Android, which is based on Linux code, also need to ensure their software is robust on the security front, and this process costs money.”
  • CRN, February 2011

    CRN"At RSA Conference 2011, Lieberman Software showcased its Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), which is now integrated with SIEM applications from ArcSight, RSA and Q1 Labs."
  • HelpNet, February 2011

    helpnet"The integrations between ERPM and SIEM technology close this visibility gap by showing IT staff not only when and where critical events occurred, but also precisely who was responsible for any action that required the use of highly “super user” accounts."
  • IT Jungle, February 2011

    it jungle"Organizations can feel a little more secure that their IT workers aren't abusing powerful user profiles as a result of integration work done by Lieberman Software and Q1 Labs."
  • HelpNet Security, February 2011

    helpnet"Reports that a Russian hacker has pleaded guilty of ripping off WorldPay, the online transaction processor, to the tune of $10 million, have met with a grim smile by Lieberman Software."
  • Dark Reading, January 2011

    Dark Reading"Phil Lieberman, an identity management expert and CEO of Lieberman Software, agrees that password-sharing is a rampant problem, and can be particularly troublesome within databases accessed by Web applications such as the one that powers Internet access to Vodafone's customer database."
  • Computing, January 2011

    ComputingPhil Lieberman, president of privileged identity management software specialists Lieberman Software, said: "This looks like a prime example of how not to handle a serious data security incident. Not only has the retailer alienated large numbers of customers, but it could also pay big penalties on several fronts," he said.

  • PC World, January 2011

    PC WorldLeading up to the actual decision by the FCC to implement an official net neutrality framework, this comment from Philip Lieberman, President of Lieberman Software, summed up the situation nicely. "Everyone who owns the pipes wants more money, and everyone who uses them wants to pay less. Some who use the pipes and make money don't want to pay anything at all. It is very much like the highway system where the government has to get involved to promote commerce and take control over the impulses of greed and unrestrained capitalism."

  • InfoSecurity, January 2011

    Info Security"As valued members of your organization, IT administrators work every day to keep your infrastructure up and available. But in today’s rush to contain operational costs, your IT administrators could be taking more shortcuts than you’d expect. And perhaps no aspect of IT suffers more from cutting corners than security. Here are five facts about IT security that your administrators probably don't want executives and employees to know."

  • Windows IT Pro, January 2011

    winitpro"While the security software market tends to be dominated by industry heavyweights like Symantec, Microsoft, McAfee, Webroot, Trend Micro, and Sophos, Lieberman Software has managed to carve out a profitable niche for its own security products."

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