Windows IT Pro: ERPM Product Review

Windows IT Pro

Product Review:
Enterprise Random Password Manager

by Orin Thomas

Many organizations face the issue of knowing precisely who has access to a particular privileged account. Although (in theory) IT pros never reveal important passwords to one another, in the trenches it is a different story. (In almost every job I've had, at some stage I've been handed the password to another administrator's account, written on a piece of scratch paper, for use in some unusual set of circumstances.) It would be nice to think that as soon as the password is used for its intended purpose, the person who is responsible for managing it will update it so that it is secret once more. In reality, what happens is this: Six months later, when a similar situation arises, you hear, "Mate, it's the same password I gave you the last time!"

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is designed to deal with the issue of privileged password management in cross-platform enterprise environments. ERPM allows you to manage privileged Windows accounts, Linux or UNIX privileged accounts, service accounts, and application-specific accounts.


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