SC Magazine: ERPM Product Review

SC Magazine

Product Review:
Enterprise Random Password Manager

by Peter Stephenson

Lieberman Software really delivered on this. Its Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) addresses the management of privileged access across enterprise resources. The product automates the management and use of privileged accounts. This product also manages password changes to admin level accounts, as well as ensuring password strength policies are maintained.

ERPM supports a wide variety of physical and logical devices, including network devices, Windows server and desktop operating systems, a wide variety of Linux and UNIX systems, various web and database applications and more. ERPM features enhanced privileged identity management functions, management and discovery of leading computing platforms, flexible multifactor authentication options, full interoperability between ERPM and MS System Center Operations Manager and real-time visualization - making it possible to identify potential security issues and instantly recording when privileged account services are requested.

Overall, the system provides a wide-range of features and functions...


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