VMwareIs the security of the root accounts on your VMware servers out of control?

Can you answer these questions: 

  • Who knows the root accounts on your VMware servers? 
  • When was the last time the root account credentials on your VMware servers were changed? 
  • Are you using the same root account on every server? 
  • Do you have any audit records of who is using the generic root accounts and why? 

Lieberman Software provides proven solution to secure both small and large VMware environments and lower the cost and uncertainty of your regulatory compliance audits.

As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, our Adaptive Privilege Management Platform, Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM), manages the root accounts used by VMware servers, hosted operating systems, middleware stacks, databases and applications.  Both solutions are ideal for simple virtualized environments, private cloud and public cloud implementations of VMware.

With this capability, joint Lieberman Software and VMware customers can better secure their servers and provide delegated privileged access to authorized IT administrators for a specific, stated purpose. All time-limited privileged passwords are automatically changed after use.

With Lieberman's flagship PIM solution, ERPM, users can automatically discover privileged accounts throughout the network – including physical and virtual operating systems, applications, databases, web services, tasks and more. ERPM then generates secure, frequently changed passwords for each account and grants fast, audited access to authorized IT staff whenever they need to perform routine maintenance and emergency firecall repairs.

We encourage end-users, systems integrators and cloud service providers to
contact us today for an evaluation. VMware partners are encouraged to contact us for details on partnering with us to secure your client's VMware environments.