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October 2011

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Five Golden Rules for a Secure Cloud Migration
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Philip  Lieberman
President & CEO
Lieberman Software

Survey after survey has revealed that security is the top concern voiced by prospective customers about cloud computing and its outsourced, on-demand business model. Worries over data privacy may prove to be service providers’ greatest roadblock to new business. In addition, the risks of a data breach seem certain to grow as a service provider’s infrastructure expands and its IT staff becomes more numerous and decentralized.

So while an outsourced cloud infrastructure can be a good fit for many companies, it holds huge potential for costly disasters. And, if the outsourcer fails you could be left without the resources to repair the damage. There is little margin for error in choosing an outsourcer, as Lieberman Software found in our recent industry surveys at the annual RSA and InfoSecurity conferences held earlier this year. Our survey revealed that 77 percent of IT professionals said that their outsourcers had made up work simply to earn extra money.

Here are my five golden rules to ensure your outsourcing lifeboat doesn’t sink mid-stream:

1. Make a Transition Plan and Stick to It

2. Get Your Outsourcing Plan in Writing

3. Demand Transparency with Respect to

4. Know Their Financial Status, Compliance
   Standards, History, and Audit Points

5. Find Experts in the Areas You Need

Those are our five golden rules. But remember - our position is that outsourcing as a means solely to reduce costs is a fraud since these cost reductions are achieved by gutting the organization of its talent and providing its customers with the poorest possible support at the lowest cost.

Ultimately outsourcing for cost savings alone leaves a company weak and ill prepared to respond to emerging threats and opportunities. On the other hand, outsourcing to provide unique talent that is otherwise unavailable or impossible to train can provide your company with distinct competitive advantages. Outsource when there’s expertise to be gained (through contracting of specialists), not lost (through abandonment of loyal staff).

Happy outsourcing!

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