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April 2011

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SIEMMER Down Now... 

Philip  Lieberman
President & CEO
Lieberman Software

Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have become a must-have in IT environments because the technology helps make sense of the vast quantities of data provided by security software and appliances across the network. But for all the advantages of SIEM, until now the solutions had one troubling blind spot. While SIEM can correlate volumes of security data to create a picture of singular events, by itself it lacks the ability to tie those events to the most powerful users and processes within IT. 

The latest version of Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) provides deep, out-of-the-box integration with ArcSight ESM™, RSA enVision™, and the Q1 Labs QRadar™ Security Intelligence Platform, with support for additional SIEM solutions coming in the near future. Available at no additional cost to supported customers, ERPM now includes an intuitive setup Wizard that customers can use to configure integration with these SIEM systems in only minutes.

Once customers enable the integration features in ERPM, the PIM and SIEM technologies work in concert to ensure that only authorized personnel can access an organization’s most sensitive data, change configuration settings, and run programs on the network.

Our collaboration with leading SIEM providers has eliminated a single, critical blind spot that has been present in these solutions. These technical integrations allow IT staff to correlate the most powerful and potentially disruptive human and automated actions with the individuals responsible. Prior to this integration, the lack of individual accountability was a key missing element in SIEM.

About the PIM and SIEM Integration

In most large organizations, IT staff and the software that links computers, databases and applications all maintain access through privileged account credentials. Widely shared and seldom changed, these “super user” accounts grant access to read and alter sensitive data, change configuration settings and run programs everywhere on the network.

Because SIEM systems were not designed with privileged identities in mind, they have no way to tie security events that are triggered through use of these accounts with the individuals and processes responsible. This lack of visibility can leave IT staff with too little information to make informed decisions and the inability to differentiate between routine security events and potentially damaging – or even criminal – activity.

The integrations between ERPM and SIEM technology close this visibility gap by showing IT staff not only when and where critical events occur, but also precisely who is responsible for any action that requires the use of highly “super user” accounts. ERPM and leading SIEM solutions also work together to generate an audit trail to correlate the actions taken by privileged users with the security events that might result. By removing anonymity, the products introduce accountability for all users who access the organization’s most critical IT resources – revealing who has access to what systems and data, when and for what purpose.

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Tech Tip of the Month

VIDEO: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Integration With Privileged Identity Management

Let’s say you need to get into a machine and you don’t know the credentials. This could be a Windows system, a Linux or UNIX machine, a network device or the like – any system in System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). You fire up SCCM and then what? You either have to know the credentials off-hand or locate them from… where exactly? And, what sort of auditing is being done on the backend?

Here’s where the Lieberman Software management pack for SCCM comes into play. Anyone who needs access to privileged credentials in SCCM can do so through our management pack. We give you access to admin credentials right from SCCM. You just find the machine, right click, authenticate yourself, and recover the password for that machine and login!

Not only do we provide you with the admin credentials immediately, but we also change the password after you’ve accessed the machine and propagate that password change to every place those credentials are in use. Automatically. We also audit the entire process so you can provide compliance reports to your auditors.

This 5:22 minute video presents and demonstrates how Lieberman Software has integrated its flagship privileged identity management solution - Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) - with SCCM. There is a whiteboard presentation followed by a product demonstration of the integration.
Click here to view!

What's New in Identity Week

Featured commentary on our
Identity Week blog this month includes:
  • Privileged User Protection Meets Security Intelligence
    Guest Commentary by John Burnham, VP of Corporate Marketing at Q1 Labs
    It is almost daily we hear of yet another organization facing a data breach, which begs the question, why? Well, there are a number of reasons, one of which is a lack of true security and monitoring of privileged account users...
  • In Support of the Smartcard Alliance
    This month Lieberman Software joined the Smartcard Alliance, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of smart card technology in North America...

Partner News

Headtechnology Joins Lieberman Software Partner Program

Headtechnology will resell the entire Lieberman Software product line throughout Germany and Eastern Europe, helping its customers secure privileged identities, protect sensitive data, and achieve regulatory compliance.

“At headtechnology we’ve partnered with best-of-breed IT security vendors, providing some of the industry’s leading anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, and data privacy products,” said Harald Schilling, VP International, headtechnology GmbH. “By partnering with Lieberman Software, we’re adding privileged identity management technology to our portfolio, a great asset to our customers concerned with controlling access to the powerful privileged accounts in their enterprises.”

Events / Press / Analysts
  • Privileged Identity Management and SIEM. Government Security News Video. Philip Lieberman describes the integration of privileged identity management with SIEM - a huge advancement that fulfills the promise of what SIEM and logger systems are supposed to do. From GSN (7:36).
  • Cloud computing and SaaS are transforming business. Smart Business Network. If someone told you that you could drop your operating costs by 40 percent, would you listen? If that same person said you could you save between $70 and $150 per user per year in energy savings alone if you tried something new, would you try it?

  • Lieberman Software warns companies of the need to encrypt their data in the cloud. Global Security Mag. Recent Microsoft research shows that almost two-fifths of companies will start paying for cloud services within three years...  The important thing to realise with cloud resources is that firms are effectively losing direct control over their own data and this makes the task of compliance - under an increasingly complex set of rules, such as PCI DSS - all the more complex.
  • Lieberman Software Joins Cloud Security Alliance. FierceCIO. “We welcome Lieberman Software’s membership in the Cloud Security Alliance,” said Jim Reavis, Executive Director of the Cloud Security Alliance. “Lieberman Software’s work in the privileged identity management space meets a vital need among cloud service providers, by enabling only authorized individuals to access their customers’ sensitive data and change configuration settings that could disrupt critical business services, while also providing the authoritative audit trails of privileged credentials usage that cloud service customers need.”
  • Lieberman Software YouTube Channel. Check out the new videos we have uploaded to our YouTube channel: integrations with Microsoft System Center products, ERPM demos, and more.

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