True Discovery

True DiscoveryEnterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is the one privilegedidentity management solution that offers True Discovery™ tosafeguard your network.

  • Instantly enroll new systems as they’re broughtonline, with zero operator intervention.    

  • Continuously secure all major platformsincluding Windows, Linux, UNIX, OS/390, AS/400 and others.    

  • Automatically safeguardapplication-to-application and application-to-database credentials in web applicationtiers, packaged software programs, line-of-business applications, customprograms and more.

  • Continuously detect, secure and propagateinterdependent service accounts to help prevent service disruptions andapplication lockouts.    

  • Manage and protect privileged identities inclustered services.

 True Discovery from Lieberman Software

True Discovery provides the industry’s mostcomprehensive support for heterogeneous computer hardware and networkappliances, directories, databases, and line-of-business applications, all out-of-the-box– without the need for extensive customization and costly, ongoing servicesengagements required of competing solutions.

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