Chief Security Officer

Chief Security OfficerLieberman Software solutions do more than protect your systems and applications from unauthorized access. Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) can help you:

  • Improve IT governance by documenting which individuals have access to sensitive data, at what times, and for what purpose.
  • Lower cost and uncertainty of IT regulatory compliance audits by providing detailed reports that prove compliance with today’s regulatory standards including SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and others.
  • Mitigate risks whenever planned and unplanned changes happen in your IT environment or IT staff turnover occurs.
  • Reduce IT staff workloads by eliminating the manual steps required to access systems for maintenance and document each account access.

  • Consider the case of a top US television broadcaster. The organization’s CIO told Lieberman Software that the decision to deploy a privileged identity management solution was driven by the requirement for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

    “We recognized that there were a lot of opportunities for data to be lost, compromised, or otherwise mistreated because too many people had too much freedom with their permissions, and due to the number of programs that required service accounts,” the executive said. “There was no governance over the potential for people to abuse those service accounts and then cover their tracks.”

    After evaluating competing solutions, the organization chose Enterprise Random Password Manager. The executive told us, “Either we couldn’t find, or there doesn’t exist, a product that is really a competitive equivalent of ERPM.”

    Learn More

    For more details about how ERPM helps a leading US broadcast network improve IT governance, read the case study “Major Television Network Protects Its Prized Data Assets with Enterprise Random Password Manager.”

    To learn more about how we can help secure your organization, contact Lieberman Software for a risk analysis and report.  


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