Roles: Overview

Chief Security Officer 

As a chief security officer, you oversee the entire spectrum of security operations at your organization. In this crucial role you manage an overarching global security policy including identifying and staying abreast of current threats, safeguarding all corporate assets, and ensuring compliance with a host of security regulations. Lieberman Software will provide you with privileged identity management and security management solutions that comprehensively and automatically control access to the critical systems and sensitive information throughout your cross-platform enterprise.

IT Executive 

As an IT executive, you face challenges ranging from assessing the evolving technology landscape to the demands of corporate strategic imperatives. Selecting the appropriate solutions transforms IT from a cost center into a competitive advantage, enabling IT to align with business, support evolving regulatory compliance demands, and meet and exceed SLAs. Lieberman Software solutions deliver the strategic advantages you need, with a total cost of ownership that makes sense, by helping you reduce the IT costs of managing and securing large enterprise environments.

IT Manager 

As an IT manager you must translate IT and corporate strategies into on-budget, on-time tactical executions. That means you must find ways to make both IT staff and end-users more productive and more efficient, while ensuring that your infrastructure remains scalable and flexible. Lieberman Software delivers the powerful, cost-effective products your staff needs, allowing you to improve security, centrally manage systems, increase scalability, reduce IT staff workload, and improve productivity - rapidly and proactively.

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