2013 State-Sponsored Attack Survey

2013 State-Sponsored Attack SurveyLieberman Software's 2013 State-Sponsored Attack Survey reports on IT security professionals' insights into state-sponsored cyber attacks and other advanced persistent threats. It also gauges their opinions on the likelihood of these attacks to be identified and mitigated in today’s corporate and government IT enterprises. 

Highlights include:

  • More than 74% of respondents are not confident that their network has never been breached by a foreign state sponsored attack or an advanced persistent threat.

  • Nearly 58% of those surveyed think that the US is losing the battle against state-sponsored attacks.

  • Nearly 63% of respondents think a state-sponsored attacker will attempt to breach their organization in the next six months.

  • 52% of respondents are not confident that their IT staff could detect the presence of an attacker who attempts to breach their network or extract private data.

  • An overwhelming 96% of respondents think the hacking landscape is only going to get worse.



These results show what one may expect - the threat of state-sponsored attacks is considered an extremely serious issue for IT security personnel. According to reports which influenced this survey, the probing of IT infrastructures in both corporate and government environments is occurring constantly, and attacks are being launched frequently. Findings from this survey indicate that these types of attacks are very difficult to identify, let alone stop. Consider that nearly 63% of respondents think that a state-sponsored attacker will attempt to breach them some time in the next 6 months, even though 52% of them aren’t confident they could even detect the attack.

About the Survey

The survey queried nearly 200 IT security professionals attending BlackHat USA 2013 in Las Vegas. All survey respondents were registered attendees of the show, and the surveys were conducted in-person during the conference.

About Lieberman Software   

Lieberman Software is a leader in the privileged identity management market. Its products automatically locate and continuously track privileged accounts throughout the enterprise, and provide each account with its own unique and complex password. 


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