Authenticated Enterprise Access via Smartcard and Digital Certificates

smartcardToday’s government agencies and corporate enterprises require increasingly stronger authentication and authorization capabilities to strictly regulate access to highly confidential data.

Whether it’s a government agency mandated to support PIV (HSPD 12), or a corporate site implementing the latest advances in access control technology, the use of major smartcard and digital certificate formats is becoming a standard in the world’s most secure IT environments.  

Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager and Random Password Manager (E/RPM) products allow customers to manually enroll client certificates, transparently verify certificates on smartcards, and configure rights and privileges for certificates from directly within the E/RPM console.

This capability enables E/RPM to identify who is logging on and to control what that user can access via digital certificates rather than, or even in conjunction with, a user name and password. In some environments, the possession of a smartcard and its PIN code is all that is necessary to logon to E/RPM.

When a user logs on to E/RPM’s web interface with the certificate authentication enabled, the browser and web site cause the user to select an appropriate certificate to gain access to E/RPM – and to the powerful privileged account passwords secured by the products. The digital certificates can optionally be stored on the local machine, a USB drive or on a smartcard.  

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