Proper Handling of Service Account Dependencies

Windows services are often dependent on each other. As a result, every Windows computer has a complex web of services dependencies. Accounting for these dependencies during a service restart is essential to ensure that the Windows host, and all the services, are fully functioning after the process.

Service Account Manager (SAM) utilizes a proprietary algorithm to map dependency relationships. It then implements a staged start / stop list that manages even the most complex dependency scenarios. When an IT administrator requests a specific service stop, SAM performs the following steps:

  • Prepares an initial list of all dependencies for the service being stopped,
  • Assesses the list and expands it to include additional dependent services,
  • Stops all entries of the list in reverse (top down) order, and
  • Retains a new linear dependency list in the order that the services were stopped.

When the service is re-started, all of the stopped services are then re-started, in the reverse order of how they were stopped. This ensures that your Windows service account changes are applied safely, without the potential to trigger cascading services failures.