Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer: Overview

Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer
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Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer provides cross-platform password synchronization, ensuring that when a password is changed in one domain the change is automatically replicated throughout the enterprise, preventing users from losing access to critical systems.


Key Capabilities

 automatically synchronize passwords      Automatically Synchronize Passwords Across Multiple Hosts

Keep your organization's passwords in sync between any combination of Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Server2008, as well as IBM OS/2 and LAN Server.

 synchronize across multiple domains
  Supports Hosts that are Not-Domain Joined, or in Multiple Untrusted Domains

Synchronize account passwords across multiple systems that are not in the same domain, in domains that are not trusted, or hosts that aren’t domain joined at all.

 password synchronization      Definable Password Update Strategies

All the hosts that are participating in password synchronization can be controlled to be a read-only target, a write-only target or a read-write target.

 account creation and account unlocking      Automatic Account Creation and Account Unlocking

Create new user accounts on a host in a synchronization group to match the passwords that are being synchronized.

Powerful Technologies

scheduled actions        Immediate or Scheduled Actions
The time between synchronization jobs, and whether each host is updated in each synchronization job is easily configurable. If there are certain times when the synchronization jobs shouldn’t run, such as during backups, it supports scheduling of off-line periods during which synchronization jobs are automatically paused.
 mass management interface   Mass Management Interface
As a Windows Sys Admin in a business environment, you have to solve problems across tens, hundreds or thousands of machines, not just one. Server-to-Server Password Synchronizer is just one of the Lieberman Software tools with a Mass Management Interface that lets you perform an operation across a thousand machines as easily as against one machine.

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