Secure Default Passwords

ERPM detects and secures default passwords on hardware, applications, network appliances, cloned drives and more.

Calvin. Recognize this password? A lot of hackers and malicious insiders do. That’s because it's a well known, built-in root password for certain Dell systems. Many hardware devices, applications and security appliances - like firewalls and UTMs - come pre-configured with default passwords that are seldom changed and publicly known.

And since these default passwords are easily identified, anyone with network access and malicious intent can login using these credentials and gain access to systems and applications throughout an organization. Some web sites like this even publish lists of current default passwords.

Public access to default privileged passwords creates hidden backdoors and security holes that can cripple an enterprise. Privileged accounts allow elevated, “super-user” permission to anonymously access and modify systems that house an organization’s most sensitive data.

Detect and Secure Well Known Default Passwords

Fortunately, Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) can automatically detect, flag and eliminate built-in privileged account passwords on the network.

When ERPM runs an automated discovery, it attempts to use well-known default or embedded passwords, and records known passwords in the web interface. Default and other easily-cracked passwords are then automatically secured.

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