Random Password Manager: Overview

Random Password

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Random Password Manager (RPM) protects your organization by automatically changing, securely storing, and providing audited retrieval of the privileged account passwords that grant access to your most sensitive systems.

Random Password Manager secures the privileged accounts found throughout your IT infrastructure, including super-user logins used to change configuration settings and install and run programs.

Privileged Account Management

Automatically generate unique privileged passwords for each account in the enterprise. (Click to enlarge) 

This enterprise password management product automatically randomizes administrator and root account passwords on the network, and allows temporary, audited retrieval of current passwords on demand. It ensures that each system maintains unique credentials and prevents unrestricted, anonymous access on the network. 

All actions performed by RPM are logged and audited - providing a record of systems managed and passwords changed - helping organizations meet regulatory compliance mandates.


How Random Password Manager Can Help Your Organization

Stay Secure As Your IT Infrastructure Changes

  • Stronger Password Security. When malicious programs or unauthorized users attempt to access your computers and applications, they encounter RPM's unique, cryptographically complex and frequently changing credentials.
  • Immediate User Recognition. Whenever the role of IT staff members change, RPM instantly allows or denies privileged access based on up-to-the-minute data it gathers from your Role-Based Access Control system.

Eliminate Tedious, Time-Consuming IT Tasks

  • Improved IT Staff Efficiency. When your security policies require frequent changes to privileged account passwords, RPM updates these credentials immediately, eliminating hours of error-prone manual work.
  • Faster Emergency Access. Whenever authorized IT personnel need privileged access for emergency firecall repairs, RPM grants the credentials without delay through a console that's accessible from web-enabled devices.   

Improve IT Compliance Audits

  • Comprehensive Audit Trails. Each time authorized IT staff request privileged access, RPM creates an authoritative audit trail documenting the session.
  • Efficient Compliance Reporting. Prove regulatory compliance with mandates such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CAG-12 and NERC, with detailed reports that document that your privileged accounts are secure and that you're meeting data privacy standards.

Monitor and Audit Privileged User Action

  • Promote Accountability. Monitor and analyze insider threats in real-time based on anomalous privileged user activities.  
  • Gain Full Coverage. Trigger in-depth session recording as soon as privileged access is requested, recording all activity for the duration of the access period.

Enhanced Capabilities

Random Password Manager builds upon its market-leading privileged identity management capabilities with these additional features:

Upgrade to More Functionality

For even more enterprise password management functionality, see Enterprise Random Password Manager. Compare products here.    

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