Safeguard Data in Real-Time

IT Staff TurnoverSecuring your network while maintaining IT staff productivity involves granting precisely the right level of system access for each individual, all of the time. That’s why today’s Identity Access Management (IAM) frameworks work with your directory services to grant new personnel the access they need to be productive, and can immediately terminate access as users change job roles.

However IAM frameworks are powerless to control privileged identities – those so-called super user accounts that grant elevated authority for your staff to access data, change configuration settings, and run programs anywhere on your network.
Enterprise Random Password Manager takes over where IAM software leaves off, authenticating directly with your directory services to give you fine-grained control over privileged users everywhere on your network. 

Take Control of Privileged Users

Unlike other privileged identity management products, ERPM eliminates the need to manually configure each privileged account whenever staff roles change.
ERPM provides these real-time capabilities so you can be sure that only the right individuals have privileged access:

  • Manages and authenticates directly with leading directories including Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, Novell eDirectory, IBM Tivoli Directory Server, OpenLDAP and more.   
  • Instantly and automatically enforces your organizational policies as staff roles change.   
  • Continuously detects and secures privileged accounts present in any LDAP-compliant directory.

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