Security Solutions for the Retail Industry

Security Solutions for the Retail IndustryAs a retailer you face increasing security threats from criminal hackers and malicious insiders trying to access credit card information and other private customer data. At the same time, retailers are forced to meet the strict regulatory compliance mandates of PCI-DSS and other standards.

A retail organization that experiences even one data breach can expect to suffer from negative publicity, the loss of customers and potential regulatory compliance fines.

Securing customers’ personal and financial information, as well as passing regulatory compliance audits, requires the ability to manage the powerful privileged accounts that exist on server and desktop operating systems, business applications, databases, Web services, and network appliances throughout the network.

Conventional Identity and Access Management products, scripts, and other manual processes can’t automatically locate and track all of these privileged accounts - and frequently update them with new passwords. But, Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) can.

ERPM helps some of the world’s largest retailers secure access to customer data, while lowering the cost and uncertainty of regulatory compliance audits by:

  • Discovering and changing all default privileged account passwords on existing, new and changed hardware and software assets
  • Delegating access so that only authorized individuals can use privileged credentials
  • Providing authoritative audit trails and compliance reports of all privileged access sessions; and proving that individuals who leave the organization or change job roles no longer have access
  • Maintaining minimum complexity and change frequency standards for all privileged account passwords
  • Preventing hackers and unauthorized insiders from accessing private customer data while helping you achieve continuous compliance with PCI-DSS

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