Phonetic Spelling for Privileged Account Passwords

Remote access of privileged account passwords is one of the conveniences of Enterprise Random Password Manager. But when this process involves a remote user reading the password over the phone to someone else, or when a systems administrator is trying to determine if, for example, a 1, l, I, or | is being displayed, misunderstandings and mistakes are often inevitable.

That’s why we’ve provided the privileged identity management industry’s first phonetic spelling option - to help users pronounce a password, character by character.

For instance, the password EAYd|0lc would be written as ECHO ALPHA YANKEE delta Pipe Zero lima charlie. Or, in the case of the administrator trying to decipher 1, l, I, or |, those characters would be shown as one, lima, INDIA, pipe.

Activation of the phonetic spelling function is done through Web Application Options. Go to SETTINGS – MANAGE WEB APPLICATION – MANAGE WEB APPLICATION INSTANCES to enable the feature. A "Show Phonetics" button will then become visible during password recoveries.

Phonetic spelling is also available in our Random Password Manager solution.

For more information, please contact an account manager.