Password Spreadsheet Manager: Capabilities

Password Spreadsheet Manager (PSM) is no longer available as a standalone product. All of its functionality is now rolled into Random Password Manager (RPM), one of our privilege management solutions.

In RPM, you maintain all of the features of PSM, plus the ability to automatically discover and secure privileged accounts throughout your cross-platform enterprise  - including super-user logins.

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Password Spreadsheet Manager (PSM) quickly secures spreadsheets that contain sensitive data such as privileged passwords, employee and customer records, certificates and more. With PSM you can immediately get control of sensitive spreadsheet data by granting audited, line-by-line access through a secure web browser.

Here’s how PSM can help your organization:  

Make Your Network More Secure 

Organizations that deploy PSM are better protected against unauthorized individuals accessing their sensitive data. That’s because it helps you quickly replace spreadsheets that contain password secrets and other sensitive information with a fully audited and secured data store.

PSM makes your network more secure by allowing you to: 

  • Prevent undocumented access to privileged passwords and other sensitive information.
  • Replace easily-shared password spreadsheets with a secure, encrypted data store.  
  • Use military-level AES encryption to protect privileged passwords and other sensitive data.
  • Enforce your policies to control access to individual passwords and other sensitive information.  


Safeguard Sensitive Data 

Regardless of the sensitive information you've been keeping on spreadsheets, PSM helps you quickly regain control.

PSM lets you protect sensitive data, making it easy to:  

  • Safeguard spreadsheets containing all types of sensitive text by converting them to a secured data store.
  • Introduce granular access controls to determine who can access individual passwords and other sensitive data.
  • Enforce your access policies through real-time authentication with your directory services.


Save IT Staff Time 

PSM helps you save staff time by:

  • Quickly deploying on any size of network, rapidly granting audited access for any number of authorized users.
  • Helping you easily apply rules for access based on explicit rights or directory memberships.
  • Granting instant approvals for access to privileged passwords and other sensitive data based on rules that you configure.
  • Immediately creating authoritative reports of who accessed each password, when and for what purpose.
  • Providing simple, out-of-the box integration with popular trouble ticket systems and multifactor authentication tokens.


Eliminate IT Audit Compliance Headaches 

PSM helps you to quickly eliminate critical audit failure points. 

It lowers the cost and uncertainty of compliance audits by:

  • Providing immediate, comprehensive audit reports that show who accessed each privileged password and other sensitive information; when, and for what purpose.
  • Eliminating audit failure points by ending dependency on insecure, easily shared password spreadsheets.
  • Documenting when passwords and other sensitive information were last changed to help you comply with key regulatory mandates.

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