Partner Program Overview

The Lieberman Software Partner Program
is focused on building a network of high-quality solution providers and value-added resellers capable of delivering and supporting world class enterprise solutions for security and systems management. The program is designed to help your business provide best-of-breed solutions, while assuring a profitable contribution to your business. Our products are selectively distributed and we believe in building a long-term partnership uniquely positioned to secure new business and develop revenue opportunities.

To apply to become a Lieberman Software partner, please go here to begin the application process.

Referral Partner Program
Our Referral Partner Program rewards businesses that influence customers to purchase Lieberman Software products and services. As a Lieberman Software Referral Partner, you consult with your customers, recommend our solutions, and earn referral commissions – along with other benefits that vary according to your participation level.

Many consultants see our Referral Partner Program as a way to generate revenue; others, particularly those specializing in services such as vendor selection, want to maintain impartiality.  Either way, the clients you recommend will be delighted with our solutions, which will further strengthen your relationships.

We offer several options to support your goal of being a valued partner to both Lieberman Software and your client:

  • You can pass the Referral Fee on to your client in the form of a "Branded Discount".
  • You can earn the Referral Fee directly and add it to your bottom line or pass it on to your client as a credit for future services.
  • You can donate the Referral Fee to your favorite charity.
  • You can refer clients, but elect not to receive a referral fee. You will still benefit from membership in the program by gaining access to a better understanding of Lieberman Software solutions; product demonstrations and new product information; industry news and information; and other services offered exclusively to Lieberman Software Referral Partners.

To apply to become a Lieberman Software Referral Partner, please go here.


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