Oracle Integrations

Oracle Gold PartnerEnterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) automatically discovers, secures, tracks and audits privileged account passwords throughout the Oracle ecosystem.

Current identity access management frameworks – including Oracle Access Manager and others – are not designed to control privileged accounts. But ERPM can manage the privileged accounts within Oracle databases, and in Oracle middleware and Oracle applications that use services and agents with embedded passwords. Without ERPM, these accounts typically remain unmanaged and can potentially lead to security breaches and violations of regulatory compliance requirements.

ERPM gives you the option to utilize the Oracle database as a secure back-end for the encrypted storage of privileged account passwords, with the ability to release these passwords to delegated users on demand. It also automatically discovers Oracle accounts in the database, and updates and propagates the credentials everywhere they are used.

Additionally, ERPM integrates with Oracle Internet Directory to automatically discover and propagate Oracle directory service passwords, and with Oracle Identity Manager to synchronize password updates with an organization’s existing access rules and user roles.

Extensive Oracle Integrations

ERPM provides more integrations with Oracle 11g Release 2 than other privileged identity management products. It leverages the Oracle Diagnostic Pack, as well as Oracle's optional Advanced Security, Real Application Clusters and Active Data Guard modules, for enhanced security, high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

ERPM manages privileged account passwords present in:

  • Oracle Databases - including Oracle 11g, 10g and 9i editions, and MySQL
  • Oracle Internet Directory - including OIM, Oracle Applications Manager and Oracle Internet Directory
  • Oracle Middleware - including Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Fusion
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Applications 
  • Oracle Operating Systems - including Oracle Enterprise Linux and other Oracle-supported Linux platforms
  • Oracle Solaris 
  • Oracle Linux 

Oracle PeopleSoft Integration  

The PeopleSoft integration for Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) eliminates the need for you to periodically change PeopleSoft credentials by hand, provides strong auditing of access to sensitive accounts, and adds necessary security controls to help you assure least privilege access to PeopleSoft systems. Integration features include:

  • Discovery of PeopleSoft accounts on one or more instances of PeopleSoft
  • Periodic randomization of selected accounts
  • Password recovery of PeopleSoft accounts with delegated / time-limited access / workflow approval
  • Passwords for account usage can be one-time usage with automatic randomization of credential after use
  • Propagation of randomized PeopleSoft credentials to applications that use those credentials
  • Automatic logon to PeopleSoft web portal with randomized accounts without disclosing credentials
  • Web portal logon via fixed icon to use specific account / specific web portal
  • Web portal logon via a predefined list of potential PeopleSoft accounts granted to the user
Oracle PeopleSoft Integration

Users can access PeopleSoft accounts in ERPM,
as permitted by their role and delegation model.
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The integration give you comprehensive audit data in real-time for regulators and auditors, helping you achieve continuous compliance with robust protection against cyber-warfare threats. All transactions with PeopleSoft are audited, with session recording of web portal usage also available. User access to PeopleSoft can use multi-factor authentication, as well as multiple directories for authentication.

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For more information on how ERPM can help secure your Oracle-based environment, contact an account manager.