Managing the Local Logon Cache

Service Account ManagerManaging remote systems is difficult enough. But when domain controllers become unavailable IT administrators are presented with a whole set of new problems.

Fortunately, Service Account Manager  offers a local logon cache feature which ensures uninterrupted authentication during system startup.

It does so by updating the logon cache each time account credentials are changed. So even if the domain is unavailable to provide authentication at service startup, the service can still start and function - a particular benefit for remote sites, laptop users and other systems without a local domain controller.

By performing an interactive logon there will be no disruption to the service due to the unavailability of a domain controller.

Here’s how:

The logon cache update process deploys an update utility. This utility receives an encrypted package of credentials. Next, the utility attempts a local logon with those credentials. When the update is complete, an acknowledgment of success or failure is returned. The utility is then removed from each target system.

By performing this simple process, you can always be sure that even if the domain controller becomes unexpectedly unavailable, the remote service will still be able to authenticate and start.

Logon Cache

Service Account Manager Logon Cache Values Dialogue

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