Manage All Windows Tasks Centrally

Task Scheduler ProManage All Windows Tasks Centrally

Windows’ Schedule Task facility is a great way to automate recurring tasks on your Windows hosts. These tasks can range from regularly scheduled maintenance, such as disk optimization or clearing the Internet Explorer cache, to occasional usage tasks, such as resetting Desktop shortcuts.

The challenge with the Windows Scheduled Tasks facility is a lack of centralized control. It is impractical for an Sys Admin to connect to every individual machine and maintain Scheduled tasks, or to script the deployment and maintenance of Scheduled Tasks through AD login scripts or software distribution mechanisms. Often, the usefulness of Scheduled Tasks goes untapped due to this maintenance burden.

Task Scheduler Pro is the simple answer to this problem. Task Scheduler Pro can add, remove and edit scheduled tasks, as well as update their supporting files, on all Windows systems at the same time. You can quickly maintain all of the Scheduled Tasks on all or a subset of the Windows machines in your environment from a single interface.

Task Manager Pro runs on one Windows host, and there are no agents to deploy so installation and upgrades are fast and simple.

Select All Windows Tasks

Task Scheduler Prosupports several features to make managing Scheduled Tasks easier, such as theability to Select All Tasks with the Same Name as shown above.

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