Interactive Reporting with User Manager Pro Suite

Need to see who is in the administrators group on every system?

Want to find NTFS permissions where Everyone has been granted access?

Need to find and disable all accounts whose passwords are more than 90 days old?

Have a problem and need to quickly locate which machines are recording the same error in their event log?

User Manager Pro Suite’s Reporting Module provides all this data and more.

One thing systems administrators need is information, and they usually need it immediately. User Manager Pro Suite allows you to report on virtually any aspect of your Windows systems. Reporting covers accounts, groups, event data, installed software and patches, registry values, policy and trusts, and other data available through WMI.

Security auditors also demand lots of information. With User Manager Pro Suite's Web Reporting, the reports you run or schedule can be accessed from a fully audited and delegated web interface. This allows your auditors to view the reports any time, anywhere and to filter the information that they desire.

The Reporting Module is integrated with User Manager Pro’s management functions, so issues that are found can be resolved interactively right from the report viewer. For example, if you run a Users report to find those users whose passwords are 90 days or older, you can disable those accounts directly.