Intensive Care Utilities: Features & Benefits

Intensive Care UtilitiesIntensive Care Utilities can help your organization rapidly recover from Windows server and domain disasters, maintain a high level of system availability, and minimize the costs associated with downtime.

Minimizes downtime and data loss by identifying and repairing Windows problems caused by system corruption, user error or malicious destruction.

Boosts staff productivity by maintaining maximum uptime on business-critical systems.

Protects the Windows enterprise by rapidly recovering and rebuilding security settings.

Simplifies complex domain migrations between Windows NT/2000/Server 2003 and Network Attached Storage.

Intensive Care Utilities Features

System Repair
Repair Windows servers or domains destroyed by internal corruption, administrative error or malicious actions.

System Restore
Restore users, groups and shares that were damaged or accidentally deleted.

Domain Rebuilds
Reconfigure or rebuild domains that are corrupted or need to be regenerated according to standards.

Account Remaps
Remap accounts for the movement of shares to different domains.

NAS Migration
Migrate between Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Windows NT/2000/Server 2003.

Domain Consolidation
Consolidate multiple domains to merge servers and account databases.

ACL Transport
Transport Access Control Lists (ACL) from one server to another, even between different domains.

Permissions Rebuilds
Rebuild permissions on shares, even if users and groups have been deleted.



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