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Government at every level—federal, state, and local—is focused on serving constituents while simultaneously increasing the ability to cope with evolving security threats, grant safe access to critical data, and manage a dynamic IT infrastructure. Issues at the forefront, such as improving IT security, and complying with federal regulations like the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), must be addressed. 

Lieberman Software helps government IT departments by:

  • Securing cross-platform networks
  • Centrally managing and controlling a constantly changing IT environment
  • Lowering the cost of compliance with regulatory mandates
  • Improving IT productivity and availability, cost-effectively and with minimal disruption to the computing infrastructure


The financial services sector—from banking to insurance to investment firms—is held to the highest standards of data availability and data security, often via stringent regulatory compliance requirements. These firms must meet requirements for discovery of privileged accounts on all hardware and software assets along with restrictions on user access, account separation, auditing, password strength and reuse.

Lieberman Software helps financial services IT departments by:

  • Securing the network from external threats and internal misuse of unmanaged privileged accounts
  • Enforcing organizational policies for privileged access to all IT resources
  • Lowering the cost of complying with regulatory mandates such as Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI DSS

Healthcare and plan providers face a challenge to stay compliant with HIPAA and other regulatory mandates while securing their networks as personnel roles change and their IT infrastructure evolves.

Lieberman Software helps healthcare IT departments by:

  • Securing the network from external threats and internal misuse of privileged accounts
  • Showing audit records on which personnel accessed which IT resources and when
  • Allowing fast access for authorized personnel for systems maintenance and repairs
  • Meeting the stringent regulatory demands of HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance

Automotive, aerospace, electronics—in fact, virtually every type of manufacturing organization—is focused on controlling quality and costs, optimizing production, improving security, and meeting regulatory compliance regulations.

Lieberman Software helps manufacturing IT departments by:

  • Protecting proprietary data against unauthorized access
  • Enforcing internal controls to restrict privileged access
  • Managing contractor and vendor access to sensitive systems
  • Complying with Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO and other certifications

EnergyEnergy producers and distributors face the challenge to protect critical infrastructure while controlling the cost to comply with regulatory mandates.

Lieberman Software helps secure the energy IT infrastructure by:

  • Lowering the cost of complying with industry mandates such as North American Electric Reliability Corporation CIP-007 (R5) and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 5.71 (Appendix B.1.1 through B.1.9)
  • Enforcing organizational policies for privileged access to computers, network appliances, databases, line-of-business applications and more
  • Managing subcontractor and vendor access using delegation rules
  • Showing authoritative audit records about which personnel requested access to what IT resources, at what time, and from what location


IT organizations within education face an array of challenging tasks. At all levels of education, IT staff must effectively and rapidly respond to issues associated with FERPA compliance, a frequent turnover in users, and tight budgets.

Lieberman Software products help education IT departments by:

  • Minimizing the threat of security breaches
  • Reducing IT workload and expenses
  • Tracking and securing all powerful privileged accounts
  • Meeting FERPA compliance requirements

Cloud Providers

Cloud Service Providers strive to safeguard customer data privacy while maintaining a dynamic, on-demand infrastructure. As a cloud service provider’s network expands and IT staff become more numerous and decentralized, so do the risks of data breaches that can result from unsecured privileged accounts.

Enterprise Random Password Manager is uniquely architected to help you maintain customer data privacy in cloud environments, giving you:

  • Automated protection as your infrastructure changes, continuously discovering and securing new hardware and applications as soon as they’re deployed
  • Immediate, role-based control over privileged access to physical and virtual systems, applications, databases and more.
  • Fine-grained delegation roles especially for cloud service providers, with the option to grant customers secure access on an audited, time-limited basis
  • Out-of-the-Box VM Support, with full discovery and control of privileged accounts present on VMs and automated remediation of hypervisor account passwords.

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