Gain Better Insight Into Your IT Infrastructure

achieve better visibilityIT professionals need the right kinds of critical information to perform their best.

There’s the data you’re required to produce in order to pass regulatory compliance audits such as SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and others.

And then there’s information you wish you had to help make your job easier: insightful data to help you solve problems faster, track down the sources of undesired events on the network, and proactively spot problems and trends to improve service levels. 

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), the privileged identity management solution from Lieberman Software, helps you quickly get both types of information you need.

When preparing for regulatory compliance audits, ERPM helps you: 

  • Immediately prove that your systems and privileged accounts are protected from unauthorized use, and that each request for access has full accountability and an authoritative audit trail.
  • Instantly document who has access to sensitive data and accounts that can change configuration settings everywhere on your network.
  • Document that your privileged account credentials are changed according to mandated policy, and changed after each access to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Enforce a policy of least privilege so that access is achieved with minimum  risk.

 When troubleshooting and performing proactive analysis, ERPM makes it possible for you to:

  • Investigate the causes of undesired changes on your network by determining who requested access to relevant systems, when and for what purpose.
  • Gain visibility into new and changed privileged accounts whenever new computers and applications are brought online, and know who is configured for access.
  • Immediately answer questions of “who, what system, when and why” whenever investigating user activity.
  • Receive immediate email notification of any privileged account activity that you deem unusual.

Learn for yourself how ERPM makes your reporting and troubleshooting tasks easier. Contact us today for a no-obligation risk assessment and report.

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