Prevent Anonymous Access

Prevent Anonymous AccessThe Session Recording Module of Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) and Random Password Manager (RPM) can provide full video playback of all on-screen activities through Remote Desktop, Citrix, VDI, VMware View or any other remote access software exactly as they happen, both in real time and from historical recordings. 

These capabilities allow you to fully monitor the activities of users who log into systems using the account credentials recovered from ERPM and RPM. Support is provided for all remote access methods, including Terminal Services, Citrix, Remote Desktop, PC-Anywhere, VMware, VNC and Dameware. The Session Recording Module begins recording as soon as privileged credentials are requested in ERPM/RPM and continues throughout the period of access to provide detailed, end-to-end records of all activity.

Fast Access to Critical Records 

With this solution there’s no need to play back hours of recordings to find relevant events. You’ll continuously capture textual meta-data during the recording including Window title, Application names, Files in use and more. This allows you to search metadata to quickly find and replay relevant user activity without the need to replay hours of recordings.

Session Monitoring Module Playing a Session in the Session Recording Module 


The sensitive data on all of your systems deserves full-time desktop and remote access auditing for all accounts. ERPM/RPM offer these key benefits: 

Compliance and Security:  

  • Track every access to corporate servers and databases
  • Audit people, not just applications
  • Cover your total applications as your organization grows
  • View bulletproof evidence
  • Identify all user activities with precision 

Remote Vendor Monitoring:  

  • Know exactly what third party vendors are doing on your servers
  • Improve security, accountability and policy messaging
  • Receive transparent SLA and billing validation
  • Eliminate ‘Finger pointing’ 

Root-Cause Analysis:  

  • Know ‘Who did what?’ to answer questions that really lead to problem resolution
  • Determine root causes immediately 
  • Receive alerts from within Network Monitoring tools
  • Defeat the ‘Oops’ factor 

Fast, Targeted Session Recording Searches:    

  • Capture full textual metadata with each session recording so you'll always know where to find relevant content
  • Quickly search recorded sessions by application name, resources used, files accessed, and window text and user input
  • Save time by quickly accessing and playing back only relevant session recordings

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