Enterprise Random Password Manager: Whitepapers

Product Overviews

Privileged Identity Management
An Executive Overview

This fast-paced overview gives you all the facts you should know about privileged identities. You’ll learn real-world business drivers for taking control of privileged access, implementation best practices, and how different management approaches can deliver different results.

Privileged Identity Management
A Technical Overview

Download this technical overview for a common-sense guide to automate your privileged identity security. You’ll learn the fundamentals of what makes a good PIM solution, the steps you can take for a successful deployment, and ways to take advantage of your new software to maximize the return.

Who Holds the Keys to Your IT Kingdom?
Four Key Steps to Securing Privileged Identities

This guide examines four key steps necessary to secure an organization's privileged identities. It describes basic, manual and ad-hoc processes that can improve control over privileged access along with automated alternatives to reduce the risks of data breaches and operational disruptions while improving staff efficiency and management oversight.

Adaptive Privilege Management

Find out how an adaptive privilege management solution can automatically protect your privileged accounts and proactively respond to a data breach.

Privileged Identity Management for the HP Ecosystem

Learn how to control privileged access and achieve regulatory compliance in enterprises that use HP security and management solutions.

Feature Benefits

Privileged Account Auto-Discovery

Find out how adaptive privilege management can help you automate the discovery of privileged accounts, determine where they’re being used, and change them reliably – without triggering cascading system failures of interdependent services.

Mitigating Golden Ticket Attacks with Lieberman Software

Learn how Lieberman Software can help you defend your network against Pass-the-Ticket attacks by reducing the attack surface of your environment, minimizing the presence of credentials that attackers can use to gain control of your network, and establishing a process for rapid remediation.

Secure Application to Application Passwords
With Enterprise Random Password Manager

Reused or cryptographically weak, hard-coded application passwords are an easy launch point for hackers and malicious programs to gain access to your network. Lieberman Software can help you replace hard-coded privileged account passwords found in the widest range of applications with cryptographically secure, frequently changed credentials.

Reduce Password Management Risk
With Pooled Account Rotation

Learn how a new feature – called pooled account rotation – can help you more safely comply with regulatory mandates and better protect your network against automated attacks and insider threats..

Free Multi-Factor Authentication
Using Email and SMS in Enterprise/Random Password Manager (E/RPM)

Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager and Random Password Manager support a wide variety of multi-factor solutions including: multi-vendor hardware and software tokens, as well as non-token solutions such as Email and SMS solutions. This rich set of choices assure that multi-factor authentication is available to all users irrespective of the form factor or delivery of the 2nd authentication factor.

Industry Use Cases

Controlling IT Audit Costs
Privileged Identities and Compliance

Learn how privileged identity management software can help lower the cost and uncertainty of regulatory compliance audits. This paper describes the steps that organizations can take to secure privileged identities without disrupting IT services, and how to document compliance with PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA and other mandates.

Hidden Risks of IT Staff Turnover
How to Safeguard Corporate Data as Job Roles Change

Learn about the security risks that can arise when IT staff change job roles. This paper describes the steps that organizations can take to secure their privileged identities, and presents a study about one government agency that mitigated this threat.

Securing a Dynamic Network
How to Safeguard Privileged Access to Changing Applications and Hardware

Security risks are introduced to the enterprise when new computers and applications are deployed. Learn the steps to secure privileged identities on new and changing platforms, and read about one organization that developed processes to eliminate risks posed by new hardware and software deployments.

Managing Privileged Identities in the Cloud

Download this informative whitepaper to learn how privileged identity management has evolved to a service platform capable of securing account credentials - and the full lifecycle of certificates and other file-based secrets – on cloud service provider (CSP) networks comprised of physical and virtual machines.

SCADA Security Challenges and Privileged Account Management

Learn how to find and eliminate common security holes that leave most SCADA systems vulnerable to hackers and malware.

Securing Privileged Identities in Healthcare

Learn how to lower the cost and uncertainty of HIPAA compliance; identify at-risk privileged accounts and vulnerable IT assets; and control, monitor and audit access to systems with sensitive healthcare records.

Securing Privileged Identities in Finance

Learn how to comply with PCI-DSS audits; discover at-risk IT assets; and control access to sensitive financial data.

Implementation Best Practices

Why Privileged Identity Management Implementations Fail

As the pioneers of privileged identity management we've been told some unsettling stories from customers who purchased other vendors’ solutions. However, you can take precautions to ensure that you're PIM solution doesn't turn into expensive shelf-ware. Or worse.

Microsoft Cyber Resiliency Framework Solution Brief

Download this solution brief to find out more about Microsoft Cyber-Resiliency Framework capabilities and participants.

Best Practices for Information Security and IT Governance
A Management Perspective

Lieberman Software’s information security and IT Governance solutions go beyond simply satisfying auditor checkboxes. Our privileged identity management solutions deliver an improved security posture and real business value. Learn how in this guide.