Product Datasheets



     Product Datasheet 
Find out how ERPM can help you secure the privileged account passwords in your cross-platform enterprise.


  Service and Process Account Management Datasheet 
Find out how ERPM can automatically locate and update service account and process account passwords in your enterprise, and change the passwords everywhere they're used in the network.
  Secure Application Launch Datasheet 
Learn how ERPM makes it easy to configure on-premises and cloud-based applications for secure, automated login and optional for session recording.
  Pooled Account Rotation Reduces Credential Management Risk 
Find out how this exclusive ERPM feature helps you manage credentials without fear of lockouts that can be triggered by network latency and system outages.
  Securing Application-to-Application Passwords Datasheet 
Discover how ERPM can secure and manage the privileged account passwords used by virtually every type of application to connect to databases, middleware and other application tiers.
     SSH Key Management Datasheet 
Find out how ERPM helps you continuously discover, rotate and securely store SSH keys in your cross-platform enterprise.
     Multifactor Authentication Datasheet 
ERPM offers the industry’s broadest, most easily configurable support for multi-factor authentication.
  Cloud Security Datasheet 
Read about how ERPM can help protect your cloud infrastructure from unmonitored access, malware and intruder attacks.
  ERPM - DIACAP Compliance Datasheet 
Lieberman Software helps federal government organizations comply with the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP).


  ERPM Solution Architecture Datasheet  
Learn how ERPM integrates with systems, devices, services and third party applications.
  ERPM Disaster Recovery Datasheet 
Read the disaster recovery steps for Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) and find out about options for high availability.

Third-Party Integration

  Privileged Identity Analytics
ERPM's integration with Mobile System 7’s Interlock offers real-time Privileged Identity Analytics (PIA).
  ERPM - Microsoft Integration Datasheet 
Learn how ERPM continuously discovers, updates, stores, and enables secure recovery of every privileged account password in the Microsoft infrastructure.
  ERPM - SCOM Integration Datasheet 
Read about how ERPM's snap-in management pack can monitor and control the privileged account credentials listed by Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM).
  ERPM - SCCM Integration Datasheet
Find out how ERPM's snap-in management pack can monitor and control the privileged account credentials listed by Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). 
  ERPM - SCSM Integration Datasheet
Learn how ERPM extends the power of Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM) to automatically close privileged account security holes. 
  ERPM - Oracle Integration Datasheet 
Read about how ERPM can manage and secure the privileged account passwords in your Oracle infrastructure.

Professional Services

  Professional Services Datasheet 
Learn how Lieberman Software can provide you with comprehensive professional services to accelerate the return on your software investment and maximize your IT staff's productivity.
  Implementation Services Datasheet 
We've developed a carefully crafted list of typical implementation services used by our most successful enterprise customers.