Enterprise Random Password Manager: Revision History

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Current Version Build Released On
4.83.9 SR1  150508 May 9, 2015


  • Added: Logging and a web service update if the recorder state fails to transition to stopped/complete.
  • Added: Redirection to the login page that will redirect to HTTPS if secure cookies are required by the web application settings to prevent failed logins back to the login page.
  • Added: Logging to indicate "no ticket"for web operations that did not log a ticket.
  • Added: Compatibility tag to all page headers to indicate IE optimizations for edge version.
  • Added: Code to the SSH console settings to default to black on white if the background and foreground colors are the same.
  • Added: Page loading effects to the user session pages for RDP and SSH.
  • Added: The ability to automatically output the seed for a user's oath token to the oath login page.
  • Added: The ability to automatically generate a QR code for the seed file of an OATH token.
  • Added: The ability to automatically generate a Google Authenticator QR code for OATH token seeds and show them on OATH login page until successful login.
  • Added: Request/grant work flow to remote applications/SSH/telnet/RDP.
  • Added: Job creators are now granted full control of jobs.
  • Added: New delegation to request remote access on groups/systems/accounts dialogs.
  • Added: New "request access" PowerShell commandlet to create remote access requests.


Previous Version  Build Released On
4.83.9   150306   March 10, 2015


  • Added: Logging messages to indicate enabled option override settings.
  • Added: SSH key change/rotation (same concept as password rotation but for SSH keys).
  • Added: Support for update in place for key usage on target during SSH key update job.
  • Added: Linux password change job will attempt to populate SSH keys associated with Linux targets with password change jobs against the targeted systems.
  • Added: Warning if the user removes an SSH key that is used as part of password change jobs.
  • Added: SSH key refresh to account refresh on Linux.
  • Added: SSH key details page to Linux system details sheet.
  • Added: SSH daemon refresh to account refresh on Linux.
  • Added: SSH daemon configuration details to Linux system details sheet.
  • Added: SSH daemon configuration dialog to show filtered list view of SSHd config for selected machines.
  • Added: SSH key display to indicate if the private key data for an SSH key was stored but not associated with a known user key.
  • Added: ERPM will automatically save the private key data for discovered keys to the key store if the private key data can be parsed.
  • Added: Ability to define and edit key labels once specified.
  • Added: ability to re-label existing key from the user key to account store mapping dialog.
  • Added: ERPM will save the private key data for user keys on discovery if the private key data is known, the label is the key signature by default.
  • Added: SSH key details dialog to the SSH key view context menu.
  • Added: SSH key export option to the managed key mapping dialog to export both the public and private parts of stored keys.
  • Added: Option to delete SSH key files from systems where the keys are found during SSH key update.
  • Added: Ability to set a standard SSHD config that all discovered configs should be compared against.
  • Added: Differential analysis to the SSHD configuration display to show differences between discovered configs and the standard config.
  • Added: Code to save the certificate info after windows system refresh.
  • Added: A certificate display property page to the Windows system details.


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