Security Solutions for the Energy Industry

IT Security for the Energy IndustryEnergy producers and distributors face the challenge of protecting critical national infrastructure while controlling the cost to comply with regulatory mandates. Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM™) is engineered to help you secure privileged access to IT infrastructure while lowering your cost of compliance. With ERPM you can:

  • Secure your network from external threats and internal misuse of unmanaged privileged accounts, with a solution that can be deployed in days instead of months.

  • Lower the cost of complying with industry mandates such as North American Electric Reliability Corporation CIP-007 (R5) and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 5.71 (Appendix B.1.1 through B.1.9) by quickly detecting, securing, and controlling access to shared, administrator, and other privileged accounts throughout your IT infrastructure.

  • Instantly enforce organizational policies for privileged access to computers, network appliances, databases, line-of-business applications and more.

  • Allow fast access by authorized personnel for routine system maintenance and emergency, fire-call repairs through easily configured, fine-grained delegation rules that keep sensitive data in the hands of authorized users.

  • Manage subcontractor and vendor access using delegation rules that can allow remote access without contracted users ever seeing a password.

  • View authoritative audit records to know precisely which personnel requested access to what IT resources, at what time, and from what location.

  • Document regulatory compliance with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) CIP-007 (R5), US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulatory Guide 5.71 (Appendix B.1.1 through B.1.9), and other mandates by easily creating authoritative auditing and compliance reports that identify historical access by user and account and prove that access is limited to those with “need to know.”

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