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IT Security Solutions for EducationAs an IT administrator in education, you're faced with high user turnover, the constant reconfiguration of machines, and clever students with the skills to gain unauthorized access to unsecured IT assets. You must cope with all of these issues, under tight budgetary constraints, while complying with regulatory mandates like FERPA.

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM™) helps education IT departments cost-effectively minimize the threat of security breaches, reduce IT workload and costs, and meet compliance requirements. With ERPM you can:

  • Quickly secure your systems from external threats and internal misuse of unmanaged privileged accounts, preventing unauthorized student access in the network.
  • Allow fast access by authorized IT personnel for routine system maintenance and emergency, fire-call repairs through delegation rules that keep sensitive data away from students and other authorized users.
  • Automatically discover privileged accounts existing throughout the network to prevent users from exploiting unknown accounts and gaining unauthorized access to computers, network appliances, databases and other IT resources.
  • View authoritative audit records and reports to know precisely which personnel requested access to what IT resources, at what time, and from what location.
  • Ensure compliance with FERPA and other government regulations.

To learn how one university used ERPM to more effectively manage privileged accounts and secure access to the network, read the  success story.

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