Protect More of Your Network

Protect More of Your NetworkToday’s on-demand IT environments make manual and ad-hoc methods ineffective to control the powerful privileged accounts that appear in newly-deployed and changed computers, applications, services, VM hypervisors and elsewhere. Even with full knowledge and documentation of each new and existing privileged identity, it’s often too risky to change vulnerable account credentials because critical IT services could get interrupted or locked out should any change fail to synchronize across each interdependent service.

Without continuous detection, strengthening and frequent updates to these privileged accounts, each password change can introduce new vulnerabilities to your network. That’s because hackers and malicious insiders use unsecured privileged accounts to launch attacks that spread from system to system with the goal of compromising your most sensitive data.

Discover and Secure Privileged Accounts

Fortunately Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) helps customers to protect their valued data and IT service continuity by:

  • Continuously securing all major platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, OS/390, AS/400 and others.    
  • Instantly enrolling new systems as they’re brought online, with zero operator intervention.    
  • Continuously detecting, securing and propagating interdependent service accounts to help prevent service disruptions and application lockouts.    
  • Managing and protecting privileged identities in clustered services.
  • Automatically securing application-to-application and application-to-database credentials in web application tiers, packaged software programs, line-of-business applications, custom programs and more.    

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