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Rapid ROI on IT Security SolutionsIt’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge…That's how an IT security analyst described the seemingly endless task of securing privileged identities at a large financial institution through manual and ad-hoc methods. “…starting at one end, working your way to the other end, and then starting over. Essentially by the time you were done changing service account passwords you would have to start all over all again.”
Without real automation it can be almost impossible to take control of the privileged identities that grant anonymous access to virtually every computer, application and network appliance in your IT infrastructure. The result can be too many personnel with unaudited access to your most sensitive data and the ability to make anonymous changes to configuration settings anywhere on your network.

But taking control of privileged identities doesn’t have to be frustrating. Today, many of the largest multinational enterprises, government organizations, financial institutions and others rely on
Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) to safeguard privileged identities throughout the network. ERPM offers these unique features so you can deploy with confidence:

  • Fast setup. Rapid deployment is assured by out-of-the box management of major computer operating systems, databases, network appliances, VM hypervisors and more.
  • Data Security. Data-at-rest security of privileged credentials is assured by default AES-256 encryption and options for a FIPS 140‑2 validated module and PKCS#11 hardware encryption. 2-factor authentication is optionally available to further validate and secure every privileged password checkout request.
  • Trusted infrastructure. Your choice of Microsoft or Oracle databases lets you take advantage of your organization’s existing processes for database management, monitoring and high availability – giving you unmatched transparency and control.

ERPM is the privileged identity management solution that’s designed to reduce your time and cost of deployment. During your deployment Lieberman Software professional services personnel are here to provide:

  • Direct access. You'll have immediate access to qualified first-line support staff, without the usual hassles of routing through a call center and several tiers of inexperienced help line personnel.
  • Qualified assistance. Remote implementation assistance is provided by first-tier support staff via web conferencing at no additional cost to you.
  • Flexible options. If you prefer, individualized on-site setup assistance is available from qualified support staff.

Discover the practical, cost-effective way to secure your privileged identities. Contact us today for no-obligation risk assessment and report.

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